Stashbustin’ #44: Purl Ridge Scarf

Remember these tasty skeins from my birthday?


After some petting and smooshing I knew exactly what they wanted to be. I have been admiring Stephen West’s Purl Ridge Scarf on Ravelry. He is such an amazing designer! (I’m not sold on swants….but still)



(Photo from the westknits Ravlery page)

This tweedy yarn is a mix of merino, llama, wool, and bamboo. It is going to feel so luxurious around my neck. Sure, I have a million other things on the needles. Sure, I have other cowls to keep me warm. But I NEED this one 🙂 Besides, it looks like a quick knit with just knit and purl rows arranged together.

What’s wrong with that logic?

Happy Knitting!

8 thoughts on “Stashbustin’ #44: Purl Ridge Scarf

  1. I’ve knitted that one a couple of times. So easy and such a good stash buster. And it totally doesn’t matter if the garter rows are spaced evenly, which makes it a good knit for company time when you may or may not be paying attention to what your hands are doing.

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