Little Roses For A Little Princess

Another crochet blanket has hit the finished pile! The Baby Beinhoff Blanket is complete! 

I made this one bigger than my previous attempts. I used two skeins of Bernat Baby Blanket in the colorway Little Roses. It looks more like Neapolitan ice cream to me but I guess no one asked me to name it!

My stitch tension is fairly even and I am having to not stare as intently at the work as much as before. I’m able to read the stitches and feel where things should go. This little blanket is intended for a baby girl due this summer to an old coworker I miss very dearly. She lives 4 hours away and we don’t see much of each other. I guess I’ll just have to settle for swaddling her little princess in yarn!

Stayed tuned for another blanket I’ve been sneaking under the radar to finish strong with the #dcspigskinparty2015!

5 thoughts on “Little Roses For A Little Princess

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