I’ve been thinking about how to write this post. Ultimately I decided to let it flow as it comes. I have been struggling with my health for awhile mostly related to my tonsils. I finally made the tough decision to have the very painful tonsillectomy. I thought that was tough. But you guys, literally two days after booking everything I got freaking mono!

There were lots of tears and rescheduling of plans. Mono is not terminal but gosh does it not lend itself to having a toddler who prefers his mommy. I’m sad I can’t get my tonsils fixed but I’m crushed that I can’t be there 100% for my baby. So for know I’m putting my health first. Basically this means lots of rest and fluids. Exercise will take a back burner. I’m hoping to have a flexible work schedule so I can deal with my fatigue. Have I mentioned this sucks?

And then my kid got hand foot mouth….so of course I got it too!

It’s super painful and I can barely hold on to a cup let alone needles. As for knitting….I don’t know what this means. I may not have as much content as I would like. But I promise not to disappear. Any positive vibes sure would be appreciated!


31 thoughts on “Setbacks

  1. Oh yikes take care of yourself and the kiddo! Friends of mine recently had two granddaughters and a daughter-in-law who got foot and hand disease. They are over it now, but it really put a wrench into things. I hope you can feel better soon.

  2. oh no! Of course, with mono, you get everything else because your immune system is down for the count. Doesn’t it figure! And to now be able to knit a row here and there is just not fair. I hope you get some help at home so that you CAN rest and get well soon.

  3. Take a breath. I think you need the rest. It will be tough with a toddler, but you can do it. It’s time to re-introduce the love of stories, and books…quiet time is okay;-). The knitting will still be there when you feel better. I hope you do feel better soon.

  4. Thats not good 😦 netflix catch up for a while? Gives you some time to plan some projecs? But that does suck x hope you feel better soon x lots of positive vibes from here x

  5. Oh, no! I’m so sorry! You’ve just gotten the short end of the stick lately, haven’t you? Get plenty of rest and try not to worry too much; the kiddo will be fine. They’re resilient little things. Sending you much good juju!

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