He or She….What Will PB Be?

I am (mostly) happily chugging along through week 25 of pregnancy with PB. (PB standing for Picky Baby because of the large volume of food returned to sender). We have had a very clear anatomy scan at 20 weeks and Jellybean hosted a Valentines Themed gender reveal.

Lots of food was consumed and a good time was had by all. So, you must be wondering what is PB…..

Well PB is a she!

So the gender score will be even in our house! Jellybean seems as excited as any 3 year old can possibly be given that he doesn’t really understand how much his world is changing!

Now I just need to get my mojo flowing and crank out some girl knits!

8 thoughts on “He or She….What Will PB Be?

  1. Congratulations!!!! I have one of each too, but my daughter is 7 years older than my son. They are currently 9 and 2. There are times I wish they were closer in age, but I love watching them play together now. Enjoy watching them grow together, it goes by fast.

  2. congratulations! I know it will be fun to have one of each. Love the cake reveal, what fun. Jellybean will love her sometimes and not sometimes, such is life as a sibling!

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