This Is Real Life

You guys…I stepped into my kitchen at 8:20 last night after my kiddos were asleep and I was greeted with this sight…dishes (both clean and dirty), dinner leftovers, appliances that needed cleaned. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving…..

I rolled up my sleeves, poured a glass of wine and listened to a knitting podcast for the FORTY FIVE MINUTES that it took to get my kitchen some semblance of clean. This is real life….this is adulting. Shout out to all the moms and dads out there that are up to their armpits in laundry and dishes. It’s a hard job and just know that I appreciate all the unsung hard work!

P.S. The wine was a nice Pino Gris in case anyone was interested. It pairs nicely with dishes 🙂

3 thoughts on “This Is Real Life

  1. I finished our mountain of dishes at 10pm. My older kid (19) is making dinner tomorrow. Today he confessed that he’s feeling a little overwhelmed by the scope of the meal and I reminded him that I ask for help when i do big meals, so he can, too.

    At least now we both have clean slates for tomorrow’s work!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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