Should I Attempt Two Ply?

Happy Memorial Day to all! I hope everyone is safe and happy today.

I decided to start something new today. After finishing off some small handspun recently, I felt the itch to start a larger spinning project. Perhaps even one I would try to make as a 2-ply yarn?

This is 4 ounces of alpaca roving in kind of rusty oranges and browns. It’s a little compact from long term storage but I think it’s workable. I’m going to use my larger/heavier drop spindle and then perhaps my wheel to ply? I don’t care for the colors so it seems perfect to practice new things on because I won’t care if it gets messed up!

I split the roving in half by weight and then stripped the roving into smaller and thinner strips to pre-draft it and take some the compression out. I then wound that first half (lightly) into a ball and put in a project bag. I’m hoping that this improved fiber prep will help me make thinner yarn and more consistent yarn.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a knowledgeable spinner. I have no idea what I’m doing or what most things are called. I’m just amusing my self during social distancing by bumbling my way through some fiber.

Happy Spinning!!

8 thoughts on “Should I Attempt Two Ply?

  1. I was just eyeing an alpaca fleece today and wondering if I should start a spinning project. I love the color of your roving and can’t wait to see your yarn. Go for the 2 ply!!

  2. Yep try ply. I put some tips on one of your previous posts for making 2 ply from one single. If you are doing 2 separate lot of singles you’ll need to think about how you are going to get them off the spindle and then ply. For 2 ply I definitely find it easier to ply the start and end of a single.

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  4. Just a tip on roving. As a felter, I have a lot of roving or tops and they will eventually compact over time. You can help refresh it by spraying sections with a fine mist, putting in a plastic bag and seal the bag, then pop it in the microwave with half a glass of water for a minute, then leave it. I get what you mean about the color, but Alpaca seems to be a bit dear here in the UK, so good for you for just going for it! 🙂

      • The tip was passed on by an experienced felter. I have tried it and it does work a treat as some of the finer wool tends to matt more easily. Also, you can give it a shake and draft out a little with hands close together so it doesn’t pull apart. I do that all the time now as a matter of course. Have fun with your spinning. I bought a wheel so I can spin the alpaca I can’t spin with, but I need to practice more! 🙂

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