Diving In

I was flying on the high of successfully plying on my spinning wheel that I decided to attempt to now spin on it. I pulled out some 100% BFL from Jakira Farms from my recently updated stash and pre-drafted the roving.

I fared much better this time than my first few attempts. I did actually succeed at getting the yarn spun on to the wheel. I’m still struggling to figure out the treadling and drafting motion of my hands all as once coherent movement. This first little bit spun VERY thick and mostly over spun. I think I needed to perhaps pre-draft the roving a little more aggressively? I weighed the braid and split it in the middle. Then I took each half and drafted out the fibers to loosen them up.

Both my frustration and the ambient temperature quickly heated up so I put it aside for the time being. I know learning is an uphill curve for awhile when doing a new skill. I’m just ready to be “good” so I can find the zen of it and make usable and pretty yarn. I honestly just need more patience and more practice, both of which are in short supply here lately. Time to give myself a literal and metaphorical break!

Happy Spinning

7 thoughts on “Diving In

  1. You’re doing great. Much better than I was when I first start spinning. Boy wien I think about it I’m sure it was many many years ago. I have five spinning wheels and an espinner which is the one I spin on the most.

  2. I think I mentioned before, a cushion on your knee and pressing the treddle at exactly the same time as you are drafting worked best for me learning. By leaning your drafting wrist on the pillow you can be sure they are in sync. It’ll come with time regardless, just practice and don’t hold the fibre in a death grip with your other hand…that was another issue I had.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous fibre! I think overspinning is just part of the processes – someone once told me that as a beginner you’re tense and afraid of breaking the single so you put in way too much twist, then you relax a bit more and go through a phase where everything is whispy and underspun, then you figure out the right balance of the two with more experience! Pre-drafting definitely makes life so much easier, particularly if you want to create a consistent yarn and I always kick myself for not paying enough attention to it. Some roving is just horrible and tight anyway but it looks like you’re doing a great job. Good luck! I know your frustration!

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