Cast On: Peace Blanket

I needed a project to redeem myself from my less than stellar Marled Crochet Blanket (aka the boob blanket). So I pulled my next lot of bulky yarn from my stash and cast on another blanket. I decided to call this one my Peace Blanket because I’m going to try and craft some peace in to my life.

This blanket is going to be all the odds and ends of Knit Picks Biggo I have kicking around in my stash. Years ago I had knit several baby sweater and at least one baby blanket out of this yarn. I, like many crafters, had gone overboard with my first couple of knit picks orders so I have a blanket quantity still left.

I found a mix of colors that look okay to nice together. I think if this blanket turns out the size I think it will, that this blanket will be a Christmas gift for my grandma. This will be a washable and wooly lap blanket for her to have the car this winter. She is in her 80s and has to travel at least an hour for many of her doctors appointments. I think a little cozy blanket would be just perfect for her to comfortable and for her driver not to have a heat stroke with the heat on full blast, lol.

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