Blanket Happy Place

I have found my happy place. The kids are asleep, the fire is roaring and I have a warm wooly blanket in my lap. I’m still cranking through my Baby Dreams Crochet blanket.

I counted and I have completed six out ten skeins in this blanket. And I think my tension is getting better and I’m maintaining my stitch count in the blanket so the blanket should be more square than tapered. I’m still getting used to crochet so I am happy with my improvement from my first few blankets.

And with all the chaos in my job, the world and having two kids. I find something very cathartic to light a first and listen to the crackle and pop while the flames dance away. Not to mention my tootsies feel nice and warm!

Where is your happy place?

3 thoughts on “Blanket Happy Place

  1. My happy place is in my home by the window watching the birds. My husband and I are considering a wood stove for the house. Small one, but I absolutely love sitting by a fire.

  2. As a parent of two smallish children, my favorite time of day is when the kids are asleep. After they are in bed, the spouse and I watch shows and movies that are inappropriate for children (violence, swear words, gratuitous nudity). Sometimes we eat junk food that we hide from the kids!

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