Ice Crafts

PB, Jellybean and I decided to take advantage of the polar vortex and do a new to us craft. We made ice globes! We dug out some balloons and my food coloring and just made it up as we went.

We put like two squeezes of gel food color in each balloon and then filled up the balloon in the bathroom. After a gentle shake we set them outside in the -10 degree weather. It took about 5 hours but then we got the most beautiful globes.

We took our finished globes and transported them out front. I ended up dropping the cookie sheet in my entryway on the way outside. So this mom got to scrub food coloring and ice chips off her floor. But the globes mostly survived and looked pretty cool in our front flower beds.

Mess aside it was a pretty good craft for the kids and kept them entertained for half a day as they kept checking to see if they were frozen. And then they were delighted to see them every time we drove up to our house. I think this whole craft cost me like $1.75 so thats a win!

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