Garden Start

Well, its after Mother’s day now so it’s safe to start our garden in earnest here in Kansas. But first I thought I’d share what we put in April for cold heardy plants.

First up, we have a whole bed of onions (left) we chose a mix of white, yellow and red this year to mix things up. The only other thing I would have liked would have been some shallots. And on the other planter is overflow onions and some cauliflower.

In our main bed we put two more cauliflower (they might get ripped out and transplanted later in favor of some broccoli. And then we also put in three different kinds of romaine. The hubby and I really enjoy fresh salads and fresh greens on our burgers and sandwiches.

The next plan is to add tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and possibly some zucchini. I think we need a separate planter for the zucchini as the last time we planted it TOOK OVER.

Anyone else feeling the garden itch this year?

3 thoughts on “Garden Start

  1. I have the garden itch year round! Spring garden has been planted and yielding, but just planted some beans and another round of peas and spinach. Waiting for soil to get a bit warmer before the tomatoes, peppers and squash go in…probably late this week. Happy growing!

  2. Love it! I totally have plant envy!
    Our first couple years I tried (and failed repeatedly) to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini. This year I threw some flower seeds into the front beds and am hoping for the best; my outdoor plant thumb is black.

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