That Went South Fast

My plying process started out so good…..

And then it went south SOOOOO FAST…..

My tension from the cake got all wonky. And then the outside started feeding faster than the inside and in the end I ended up with tangled ramen.

I took a big girl breath and decided to walk away for a minute. My play is to break the singles and wind the ramen into separate balls. Once I get all the chaos under control I will then reevaluate and figure out best to keep plying this beast.

Slightly less happy spinning today….

4 thoughts on “That Went South Fast

  1. It looks overplyed, not hopeless! Once you get it off the bar of the flyer, try spinning it into the bobbin the opposite direction you plied. This might save you the headache of going back to singles, which might be a recipe for more tangles.

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