Never Cook Angry

Never cook while angry….

Sigh, I had a bad day at my big kid job. I love my big kid job but it’s frustrating at times. (I’m an accountant by trade). I felt the need to make comfort food with my own two hands.

After getting off work I swung by the grocery store with a list of ingredients I needed for some new recipes on Pinterest I was going to try. Mistake number one: going to the store at peak times. Took me forever to get in and get out. I told myself it would ok if I could just get home.

Mistake number two: not reading the Pinterest recipes very clearly. I unpacked my wares and set upon cooking only to find I didn’t have everything I needed. I was upset but I kept cooking.

On the docket:
Sweet Potato Soup
– Betty Crocker Banana bread
Chicken Bacon Ranch pasta
– garlic toast

Soup came along swimmingly and before I knew it, it was done and cooling in containers on the counter for my work lunches this week.


The banana bread came together well but I couldn’t get it out of the pan. Not to mention I burnt the bottom. I really started to get pissed at this point.

(My husband assures me it still tastes fine)

Finally onto tonight’s dinner….chicken bacon ranch pasta! Bacon cooked up superbly and the wonderful smell almost pulled me out of my funk. However the creamy ranch pasta sauce wouldn’t thicken and I had to use cornstarch to thicken 😦

I had just enough spaghetti for the recipe. In the process of straining the fully cooked pasta I burnt my finger on the pan and dropped half of the pasta on the floor. I let out a shriek and my husband came running to see me surrounded by pasta STUCK TO EVERYTHING! (Even me) Due to the chaos I forgot I had bread in the oven toasting and it preceded to burn until my husband smelled smoke.

It was at this point I gave up and opened a beer. We salvaged enough pasta for dinner and scraped the burnt parts off the toast.

I realized my bad juju or negative energy had transferred into to food. Everything tasted find but not as relaxing as I intended, sigh. Take my advice…..don’t cook angry!

Tomorrow is a new day!


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