Volleyball Tuesday

I have been living in my current city for five years and I started playing pick up games of volleyball on Tuesdays a couple years after we got situated. That introduced me to some wonderfully talented players and now I play every Tuesday in a competitive league with some awesome people! I played all through middle school, high school, club ball, comparatively in college, and intramural college. I LOVE volleyball!

We typically play a 4-2 system, two setters, two middle hitters, and two outsides. (This season one of our middles is 6’3″!!!! That is about as rare as finding two decent setters for one team.) Tonight we had two subs, both hitters. This meant we had to snap into a 5-1 with me playing the only setter. Boy howdy did I get a workout! I have the knots in my shoulder to prove it. Not to mention a few bumps and bruises from running into people as we tried to transition back and forth, lol.

We went 5-1 in matches for the night with a few rough stretches but we worked out the kinks eventually. Not bad for a bunch of ladies on the verge of 30 and still trying to play like we are 18!

Now for some time with my feet up and snuggling the puppies….



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