Attack of the Klutz

Sorry no FO post this Friday…..I had a wee but of an accident over the 4th of July holiday. And I have lost my knitting mojo a bit with my brain being pulled in do many directions at once lately.

Darkness + fireworks + a dog who is poorly leash trained + a black trailer/tailgate = bruises and scrapes and unladylike language


I royally dorked up my legs. Nothing broken, sprained, or torn….just small cuts and BIG bruises. My left leg is a but tender to walk on and a little puffy as I’m sure I bruised bone. I have been resting and elevating it as much as I can. The doctor I saw told I had a deep contusion, gave me a tetanus shot, and told me to suck it up, lol.

All I have noticed so far is the bruise spreading down my foot, lol…


Best part of all I have an all day volleyball tournament tomorrow. Lord help me!!


Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Attack of the Klutz

  1. Oh no! Been there done that! If you want to keep the swelling from dropping down your leg – elevate and ice below the bruise. Works every time!!
    Good luck tomorrow, just stay safe!

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