Party Cake Vanilla Sock Update

I realized over Cheerios with Jellybean this morning that I haven’t blogged in several days. Or more correctly….I hadn’t scheduled any posts as most of my content comes courtesy of the WordPress scheduler 😊. Nothing crazy going on, just the flow of life. I have been knitting though, so I thought I would drop a quick update on my travel/purse project!

I’ve been carting around my Party Cake Peep Vanilla socks in my purse. They received a lot of love due to a couple of trips to my parents house. The speckles are dangerously addictive and I completed the first sock already!

The fit is pretty good. The yarn is soft and smooshy. The finished fabric feels thin but not overly so. I’ll just have to see how it wears. This project has been perfect zen knitting for my frazzled brain of late.

What’s your zen knitting?

4 thoughts on “Party Cake Vanilla Sock Update

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