Organization Is A Beautiful Thing

When life feels too crazy my default response is color coding and organization in all the things. I recently started back to work and taking PB with me. It’s bananas you guys. It totally works but it’s a whole new world. PB and I are both still figuring it out.

So I needed a new planner because my old one ended in July while I was on maternity leave. I use a paper planner to keep notes and log my work flow in order to know where I am on short term and long term projects. It’s old school and I know my phone can do the same but I like having the book in my hands. So thanks to some late night wine fueled Amazon shopping I have a brand spanking new planner and lovely erasable frixion markers to color code my life into submission.


Disclaimer – This organization does not in fact actually help the chaos but it sure does look pretty and make me feel just a teensy bit more on top of things. Your mileage may vary.

FO Friday: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

My hands are getting back in to shape. I’ve managed to make up some time and finish my Pot O Gold vanilla socks.

They turned out a bit loose in the leg but the feet are a perfect fit. 

Pattern: 64 stitch toe up vanilla socks with afterthought heel.

Yarn: Dove Roving company Tapping Tootsie in the Pot O Gold color

Needles: US 2 circ

I couldn’t be happier and this has been just the boost I’ve needed to get back in to knitting.

Happy Knitting!


My apologies for any of my subscribers who have gotten email updates about new blog posts and then finding none. I mostly use my iPhone for blogging and the latest update of WordPress has some new quirks. It’s publishing my scheduled posts WAY ahead of when they are supposed to. I again sincerely apologize. 

Don’t worry….great yarniness lays ahead. See?

Happy Labor Day weekend to all the US peeps!

And So It Begins

I’ve finished the garter section of my Old Man of Storr shawlette.

There were a couple of nights that between the late hour and a glass of vino that caused a few dropped stitches☺️. I tried using my double ended crochet hook to fix them but ultimately I hated how the tension looked. I tinked back the 200+ stitch rows and reknit and it was worth every redone stitch. Now the garter is perfect and my stitch count perfect!

I’ve installed a lifeline (black crochet thread) and tomorrow I’ll start the lace rows! Wish me luck

Happy Knitting!!

Yes…I Took Pictures of My TV

I’ve been plugging away on my resurrected Mothers Day shawl. I’m almost done with the garter section!

I’ve been knitting and binging on Gilmore Girls (I never watched it when it aired originally). This show is really speaking to me both a kid who went through college at the time and now as a mother. Plus it’s just plain campy and fun. And oh boy….they have a knitting episode!!! Knit! People Knit!! Is season 7 episode 9. And yes I took photos of my favorite scenes 😜

The show had some characters actually knitting and some faking it. But they didn’t make knitting the butt of too many jokes so I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Roller Rink Disco Vanilla Socks

I have a HO! My first Roller Rink Disco vanilla socks is finished!

The yarn is beautiful and the fabric so yummy to the touch! I did my personal standard 68 stitch sock on US 1s. I attended an all day lecture series on Inspirin Women in Leadership. It was a great conference but a lot of sitting and listening. So I whipped out my sock to keep my hands busy and mind clear. I finished the first and cast on the second while there. But I had one niggling problem….

I’m not sure why but my guage is much smaller and the negative ease of this is INSANE! It barely fits and is very snug on my leg. I also have a ton of yarn left. I hemmed and hawed for a day or so before I just plowed on with sock #2.

These are just fated to be Christmas socks for my sister. That’s all there is to it. And I have enough yarn left over to make a shorty sock or yoga sock for myself. Just going with the win-win on this one…

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Camo Vanilla Socks

I shared a sneak peek yesterday of my Camo Vanilla socks. They deserve a proper catching up!

I’ve finished the first sock and cast on the second. I’m using Cascade Hertiage sock in a Camo-ish self striping color. This is a 72 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. And boy howdy is this thing huge! It’s meant for my dad’s size 13US extra wide foot. I tested it on my husbands size 12 feet so I think I’m in good shape.

The yarn is nice and I’ve used it before for a pair for my husband. It a little thicker than fingering to me so I’m using US2 needles. The first sock felt a little sloggy but now that I’m in the second I can see the end in sight so I’m a little more motivated 😜

It will be nice to check another item off my Christmas to do list! Happy Knitting!!

Knitting In The Wild

Hello there! This knitter has been crazy busy and sadly only some of it had been knitting. Summer is upon us here in Kansas and that means BBQ, baseball, family, and loads of travel! Sleep is for the weak (and those without toddlers).

Just wanted to drop in quickly and show some knitting in the wild that will hopefully count for the 2016 Knitting Butterfly’s Great Outdoors KAL!

Lots of dirt and little boys learning baseball! (Jellybean and Grandpa and in the background playing with bugs instead of 3rd base.) And the project is my Camo Vanilla Socks for my dad for Christmas. I hope to get a proper post about them this week but until then…Happy Knitting!!