FO Friday: Barley

It’s been EONS since I have had a FO to show. I finished my first hat for Jellybean!

Pattern: Barley by Tin Can Knits

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Wine

Needles: US 8

Size: infant20140524-140322-50602585.jpg



This was a PERFECT pregnancy brain project. Easy to follow directions and a quick knit for that instant gratification! I only used 27 grams or 60 yards of yarn. After a good wash and block this hat should have enough stretch to get Jellybean through next winter!



I even have enough yarn to cast on for an adult size version so the hubby and I can have a hat to match Jellybean. (I’m more excited than the hubby if you can imagine that!)

Happy Knitting!


Halfway There!

I’m officially past 20 weeks of pregnancy! Can I get a woot woot?20140524-140810-50890380.jpg

I’m normally not a “post a public photo of my baby bump” person. Just a personal preference I guess. But since this is a milestone I thought I’d share one of me and my most comfy/cute work outfits.

I’m still having a lot of symptoms: nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness, headaches. And the anti-emetic I was taking was only minimally helping not mention causing additional and unpleasant side affects. I had had enough. I couldn’t even eat an evening meal without becoming ill for Pete’s sake! Not to worry, both baby and mom are very healthy despite the symptoms. Just a very grumpy and uncomfortable mommy! (I shouldn’t be shocked as all the women on my mom’s side have very healthy but very not fun pregnancies)

So after putting my foot down with my OBGYN, I was given a new medication to try that causes pronounced drowsiness but not the unpleasantness of my original medication. HUGE IMPROVEMENT….I only take it at night. But I can make it through the following day without much discomfort AND I have been eating dinner again!

20140524-140810-50890686.jpgI couldn’t help but share this photo. Chloe likes to snuggle the baby bump at night. We settle down on the couch and she falls asleep on my belly. Oh boy, I hope Jellybean doesn’t mind snoring because boy howdy is Chloe loud when she sleeps! I have been feeling Jellybean move around a bit. I CANNOT wait until he/she kicks Chloe through the belly while she is snoozig. Would serve Chloe right!!

Happy Thursday!!


WIP Wednesday: Everlasting Bag Stopper

Pregnancy has DEFINITELY slowed down my knitting mojo. Between un-fun symptoms and pregnancy brain….I just can’t handle my normal volume or pattern complexity. But I hate having idle hands. So I perused my Rav queue and found a basic in-the-round cotton market bag.

Pattern: Everlasting Bag Stopper by Amy Singer

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Yellow20140524-140221-50541005.jpg


The bottom of the bag is worked back and forth in garter stitch on very small needles (US 5s) and then you pick up around the edges of your rectangle to begin working in the round.

20140524-140221-50541573.jpgThen you switch to larger needles (US 10 1/2) and begin the lace section. This pattern is ULTRA easy to memorize. And who doesn’t love working in the round and not having to mess with purls, lol!

The only part of this project not knitted is the handle. The pattern calls for coordinating grosgrain ribbon or other strap material to be sewn to the top edge of your finished bag. Not sure which way I am going to go with this project.

Any suggestions?


Internet Wisdom

I work in a professional office with some awesome people. But some days the ridiculous questions I get just make me want to boop people on the forehead like the V-8 commercial. And this past week I found this gem on the internet somewhere:20140524-140942-50982719.jpg


No clue who to give photo credit to but it’s definitely not me, lol. This image was just too awesome not to share!

Good Friends Are Hard To Find

I have the best friends in the world. I haven’t had the most symptom free pregnancy thus far. And to be honest it is exhausting and frustrating. But I got the most amazing pick me up the other day. Check out the awesome care package I got from a dear friend from college:








I HIGHLY recommend this gift for any pregnant lady in your life. It’s sweet and yet practical and I would guarantee it to make their day!

Have you ever done anything cool for an expectant mom or couple? I’d love to hear about other neat ideas!

Review & Giveaway: Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Interchangeable Needles

Excellent review and a giveaway! Check it out!!

Woolen Diversions

I’ve officially become enamored with a new-to-me knitting tool: Knitter’s Pride Karbonz needles. These needles are made from carbon fiber and have slick nickel-plated brass tips.

IMG_6235 Oooooh, shiny.

As you may have noticed over the last few months, I’ve been slowly transitioning from the colorful Knit Picks Harmony needles I’ve used almost exclusively for the last few years to sleek, black KP Karbonz needles. It began when I realized I was mending far too many holes in my socks and needed to tighten my gauge. However, I wanted to knit with size 0 (2.0 mm) DPNs that didn’t feel like bendable, careful-or-they’ll-snap-in-half toothpicks. So I ordered some Karbonz DPNs and loved them.

IMG_6568 Current sock in progress. Click for project page.

And I thought — maybe the Harmony’s are NOT the be-all-end-all of knitting needles. I first learned to knit on Susan Bates metal needles but have been fiercely anti-metal since…

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WIP Wednesday: One Sock Down

My #sockswithsarah progress has been slow but progressing. I finally finished my first plain rye sock.


I’m using Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Squirrel Heather using the Rye pattern by TinCanKnits.


And to avoid SSS or second sock syndrome I’ve already cast on the mate!

Are you following along with Socks With Sarah?