Mend and Make Do

I won’t be sad to see 2020 go. I don’t feel like 2021 is going to magically different but I hope it’s going to trend in the right direction. The kids are out of school and daycare so we had a project day around the house. Today’s agenda: mend the kids pants.

We managed to mend the side seam in a 2 year old’s pair of sweat pants, the knee seam in a 6 year old’s pants and patch two holes in the 6 year old’s pants. Disclaimer…I have a sewing machine but I’m TOTALLY an amatuer.

My kids and I had fun pinning seams and running the foot pedal. And at the end of 45 minutes I got back three pairs of pants for my kids. Now, I will admit that the pair with holes and blue flannel patches are going to “wear only at home” kind of pants. But the other two pairs are good enough for wearing in public, at least in my humble opinion.

It was fun to do something with the kids and they were pretty excited to have their pants back in rotation.

Happy Mending!!

Mending Day

This is going to be a different kind of FO Friday. Today’s it is mending day. My parents are in town for a visit and they are distracting the human babies. So the fur baby and I pulled out the sewing machine to work on a pile of mending that has been waiting for anywhere from a week to several months.

I’m not the best seamstress, but I managed to fix two pairs of pants and a set of Pajamas for Jellybean and two pairs of pants for myself. That’s five pieces of clothing back in the rotation that were just collecting dust.

Now the real question is how long will my just barely passable sewing last? Time will tell!!


Dusting Off The Sewing Machine

After Jellybean received his big boy he also requested * “soft fings” to snuggle with. I dug around in extremely dusty fabric stash boxes and came up with some fleece remnants and end of bolt pieces.

I let him pick a couple fabrics and let him be part of the sewing process. (Aka watch the machine and hand me stuff). In the end we had two pillow cases and two snuggle blankets. They are FAR from perfect or even but they are soft and made my child happy.

I really haven’t had the urge to sew at all since Jellybean was born. Like at all. It was nice to flex some different crafty muscles!

*Note: the presence of softies did not improve the duration or quality of said child’s sleep….this momma is still very tired…..

Waste Not Want Not

My mother is a bit of a self confessed hoarder. She hates wasting anything. Of late she has been bringing home the fat quarter and jelly roll cast off scarps from her job at a quilt store. On a recent trip home she convinced her sister and I to help.

We are tying these fabric strips with overhead knots to make rag yarn for Crochet Rag Rugs. Then rolling the “yarn” into balls.

I just couldn’t help but think….god I wouldn’t want to knit with this! But she has a couple of rugs done and a nice basket of yarn finished.

I guess we are just a crafty family! Happy Crafting!!

Appreciation Of Craftmenship

A dear and beloved friend from my college days bestowed Jellybean and I with the most squee worthy and hormone tear inducing baby quilt.


My friends, I’m not a quilter but my mother is. I can spot quality. Let me tell you this piece is impeccably made. My dear friend commissioned this from a local quilter in the great city of Portland, OR. It’s a 100% cotton pieced top to match my nursery colors and a solid minky backing for pure heavenly delight. Not a seam out of place and made with loving care!


Pardon me while I sit in my nursery rocker and pet this lovely whilst waiting for Jellybean to get here….only 20-ish days to go! I can’t wait to wrap my little one up in this huggable blanket!



Dining Chair Renovation

When we moved into our home last year we were gifted an amazing dining room table and chairs from my aunt and uncle who had a spare. It was perfect for our home except for one small detail…the seats were white!IMG_0194.JPG   No one wanted to sit on them for fear of getting them dirty! So between my nesting in high gear and 60% off sale of upholstery fabric at Joanns…I give you the transformation! IMG_0196.JPG Not so bad if I do say so myself! The fabric is still neutral to fit the room but a much darker shade. Not to mention much easier maintenance and cleaning! IMG_0195.JPG So I have officially completed two of six chairs…four more to go. Not sure if my hands can handle it! Look at how many silly staples the manufacturer uses…sheesh! IMG_0201.JPGHave anyone else every adventured in upholstery?

Boppy Madness

Way back when I got my first sewing machine, I taught myself to make Boppy nursing pillows because I thought they made awesome baby gifts. I had to learn how to put in invisible zippers and thanks to my mom….I did!

And now I can crank out these puppies with the best of them. Now I don’t mean to exaggerate my sewing skills by any means. I have a very limited set of skills when it comes to my sewing machine, lol. But I digress, in preparation for Jellybean I made up my own boppy pillow and an assortment of fun covers.

What do you think? Think Jellybean will like them?



Conductive Thread: An Experiment


I had a coworker ask me for some gloves she could use with her phone. She spends a great deal of time outside and is addicted to Words With Friends. I had been wanting to try the conductive thread I saw featured in Knit Picks a few issues ago, so in my last yarn order from Knit Picks I added 10 yards of conductive thread. I also picked up some knit gloves from Joann’s dollar bins.

After some trial and error I managed to find a way to sew/weave in the conductive thread in between the ribbed stitch texture of the glove fingers. I was easy to sew the left hand but as I’m right handed the right glove was tricky. I only did the forefinger and the thumb.

My thoughts on the finished project….very mixed. The thread worked great. The problem lies in getting enough yarn sewn in and on the surface where it can come into contact with the screen. This may be more of a statement on my sewing ability than feasibility of the project. Technically the gloves worked, you just had to press fairly had and get a lot of the conductive thread in contact with the screen. I think this thread would be better served to actually knit into a pair of gloves rather than sewn.

Next time I think I will try the pre-made conductive disks….maybe. My coworker was happy enough to test them out for me. But she found the same concerns as I did. Not a project win, but a fairly good attempt/start!


Has anyone had any experiments with this thread?

Special Requests

I met the most amazing friend named Amy in college when we both played on the same volleyball team. She was fun and energetic AND we shared the exact same birthday right down to the year. She married an amazing man who is an Air Force pilot. They move A LOT. She and her husband are expecting their second child in April and being stationed in Australia in February!

I called her up to congratulate her and asked what could I make for the new baby. I told her to pick something she really wanted and not just something she needed. She had to think about it but finally a few days later she came up with it…….diaper changing pads that were cloth and washable. She disliked the plastic ones she had with her first child. She is big into cloth diapers and being green.

So I set out to design one. Her diaper bag is made out of an old green flight suit that belonged to her husband from his first deployment. So I wanted to stick with a green color scheme. Here are the materials:
– hand sized terry cloth towel in dark green
– 1/2 yard flannel in green and brown polka dots
– 16 inches of ribbon
Combine these and a few zips of my machine and I had a diaper pad!


I pre washed all my fabrics to shrink them. Then I laid the towel over the flannel and cut a peice to size and pinned them right sides together.


I then pinned two pieces of ribbon in between the right sides so they would be on the outside when I was turned it. The ribbon will serve as closure for the pad when rolled up.


I zipped around the outside of the square leaving a 1/4 allowance and leaving a 3” in hole to turn it right side out. After turning the work right side I went around the edge again to secure the layers and see up the hole.


And tah dah you are done! Simply, easy, and super cute. The cloth rolls up and secures with the ribbon so it fits nicely in a diaper bag. The towel is plush enough to provide a nice surface for baby and the whole thing is machine wash and dry!


I made two small and one large one for Amy and I will stick in the mail tomorrow to make sure she gets them before they leave the US. I can’t wait till she opens the package. I will miss her being in the same time zone but she is about to take the most amazing adventure. And I have to give her props for flying halfway round the world at 7 months pregnant with a preschooler.

These pads make great shower presents and anyone with a sewing machine can do this! Easy materials list and no technical measuring, just sew and go! My kind of project (just don’t tell my mom cuz she hates when I don’t measure, lol).

Christmas Craft Fair Madness!

Time for a holiday sneak peak of my Christmas wares!!

We had up cycled jean purses and bags…


We had holiday themed aprons…



We had frilly knit scarves…


We had bobble knit headbands…


A few beanie style hats…


Reversible knit cotton dish cloths…


Even reusable swiffer dusting cloths (100% fleece)…


And finally a little hand stitched Christmas cheer!


All in all a great fair and completely exhausting! I even got to spend the day with my momma!!


I think we both have earned a glass (or two) of moscato!


Happy Holidays!!!