Let’s Try Bagels

My baking addiction continues unabated. My family asked for bagels and I had never made them before. So we tried a little experiment.

I used my bread machine to mix, knead and proof the dough. And then I took over and did the salt boil and custom toppings. We did cheese, everything and plain bagels.

I learned some lessons. They need to go right from boil to toppings to oven or they will shrink. Definitely more cheese next time. And the plain ones would benefit from some sea salt on top. But all in all, not a bad first try!

Happy Baking!!

I Have A Baking Problem

One of my Christmas presents was a replacement insert for my bread maker. I have really been leaning on that to mix and proof my dough for baked goods. I decided to give it a thorough testing.

The cinnamon rolls were FIRE and didn’t last. My sticky rolls need the caramel sauce to have cooked a little more. They were still yummy, just the last thing to disappear. And the dinner rolls turns into burger buns.

Life is crazy but baking has been bringing me peace. I just need to find more places to take my goods so I don’t eat them all!

Ice Cream Into Bread

I fell down the TikTok hole the other day and saw someone make “bread” from ice cream. I had to try, it just seemed dubious.

It’s just vanilla ice cream, flour, salt and baking powder. And it totally cooked into a bread-like shape. It did not raise very far but the sprinkles did stay on top.

Flavor wise, it was pretty much Meh. It was not as sweet as I would have liked. The texture is very dense. Jellybean LOVED it and ate two slices. I think if I were to try it again, I would add some sugar?

But it was a fun baking experiment. Happy Baking!!

All About The Flip

I decided that January needed more carbs and sugar content. So I decided to make sticky pecan rolls from scratch. As with most things I do, I googled pecan rolls and just picked the highest rated recipe.

It really worked out fairly well. The rolls browned nicely and it was really all about that flip…

Tah dah!!! All reports were that they were delicious. I took these to work so there were snacks for an all day training. None were left after the end of day two, lol.

Happy Baking!!

Buttermilk Is Better

I got a hankering for some biscuits and gravy after all the rich holiday foods last week. I make my gravy from a mix but the biscuits needed to be from scratch.

I use the basic Betty Crocker recipe that has been kicking around my family for years. I use a food processor to finely cut my butter into the flour. The dough came together nicely and I folded a few more layers than the recipe called for and you can totally see them.

I didn’t get my dough rolled to a super consistent height and therefore they puffed up to varying heights. But they were super tasty! I got all thumbs up from the family, lol.

Happy Baking!!

Making Candy

Trying to get into the Christmas spirit and I found some walnuts in my freezer. I have been seeing TikToks about candied nuts and how easy they are. So I gave it a go!

The left shows the walnuts pre-baking and the right is the finished product. They were very simple and I used this recipe.

I can attest that when sprinkled on ice cream they taste JUST like cinnamon toast crunch. I will definitely make these again and possible for holiday cheer around my office this year.

Happy Holidays!!

Fall Baking

The air is getting crisper and the leaves are falling all around. I felt the siren’s call of baking. I polled the household and I came out with Swedish rye bread and cinnamon rolls.

The rye bread got a great rise and good bake. My cinnamon rolls need work on rolling a consistent swirl. Some of my sections had more cinnamon sugar than others. But they all tasted great with cream cheese frosting!

These should last a week….tops! Happy Baking!!

Pandemic Baking

One of my current coping mechanisms for this never ending pandemic is baking new and fund things. This week brings you my first ever peach cobbler. I had to make do with canned fruit but the family devoured it and declared it delicious!

Also, given that we are fully in February I feel the following meme sums up my month very well


Improvising With Apples

My backyard gifted me just enough apples in the latest harvest for roughly two pies worth. I needed a mom break so I dropped my kiddos with the grandparents and went to MY Grandma’s house and made pie while we chatted. (I wore a mask the whole time even though we are both vaccinated, better safe than sorry!)

I hit a roadblock. We were having so much fun chatting that I didn’t realize we had run out of flour after making two bottom crusts. So I had two half constructed pies that were missing tops! And where my GG lives, the nearest store is 30 minutes away in a different county. So we got creative and made do. We combined quick cooking oats, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon to make a crumble topping.

All reports were that it worked out well, but the pie was a little dry as the oats sucked up all the excess liquid from the cooked apples. But all in all still an edible dessert. But the best part was spending a few hours alone with my GG. I wish I could do it more often so I’ll cherish the time I do get.

Happy Baking!!