FO Friday: Blackberry Cocoon

Huzzah, the longest and most neglected WIPs of my life is done!!!20140119-084357.jpg


Pattern: Strawberry Cocoon by Bernat Design Studio

Yarn: Bernat Satin Solids in Plum Mist Heather and unidentified green

This project ended up using about 376 yards of yarn or 148 grams.

Needles: US 6s or 7s?

Time: FOREVER! I started this sometime back in 2010

Mods: I didn’t knit the full 17 or 18 inches of straight body. Seriously, I just got tired of knitting and stopped at 11 inches before moving the decreases section. This thing is knit plat and then seamed, so LOTS of purls! I also didn’t make the duplicate stitches or french knot looking dots on the leaves. Again this was because I was SERIOUSLY over this project.


You have to gather or bunch up the leaves when you seam then to the main body of the cocoon. I’m not the best at seaming, but it didn’t turn out terribly!


The one feature that I do love about this now that I’m done is that this is SUPER soft thanks to the satin yarn. And look at all those wonderfully nubby P3tog bits! I love to run my fingers over them!

I do have a great feeling of accomplishment getting this out of the WIP pile. No clue what I will do with this either. But for now it’s washed, blocked, dry, and folded in my FO storage bin in my basement.

What is the longest something has lingered in your WIP pile without being frogged?


Stashbustin’ #9: Close Knit Waffle Hat

The never ending polar vortex and harsh Kansas wind have me reaching for a hat more times than I can count this year! And I’m craving something soft, warm, and luxurious!

This pattern caught my eye, Close Knit Waffle Hat!



(Photo copyright to Leah Bandstra)

I have some Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends hiding in my stash. It’s a bulky and buttery soft bamboo. I had the choice of Linen (cream) or Almond Blossom (pink variegated)….totally picked Linen as this hat will look fabulous with my black peacoat!

I already made one modification, I cast on 72 stitches instead of 64. I have a big noggin and I have come to terms with this. So onward I trudge


What is your go to knit this blustery winter?

Happy Knitting!


WIP Wednesday: Antrose

Embolded by my swatches and encouraged by a dear friend, I finally cast on for Antrose!



I’m working the garter ribbed collar. It’s back and forth, so no purls but lots and lots of knits! I opted to use lifted M1R and M1L increases instead of the KFB increases. With my tension and style….they just look better to me.

I have to admit, I had never done the Long Tail Cast On before (even though patterns clearly called for it). So I put my big girl pants on and went to YouTube….ITS SO EASY! Here’s the link I used. It so clean looking and makes such a nice stretchy edge! I did have to take several swings at it before I let out enough yarn in the beginning to make all the cast on stitches, lol.




Now, just a few thousand more stitches before I have a finished sweater! I’m liking the Lion Brand Heartland yarn….although it can be “splitty” at times. And have tinked a few stitches and I could see how this yarn wouldn’t stand up to prolonged frogging. But it’s very soft and creates a nice fabric.

What’s on your needles this Wednesday?

Yet Another Sophisticate

I seem to be addicted to baby sweaters lately….baby fever anyone?!?


Pattern: Baby Sophisticate – Free by Linden Down

Needles: US 8s

Yarn: Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in Pistachio (190.6 yards, 157 grams, or 1.85 skeins)

Size: 12 months

Mods: I knit short sleeves by working the garter rib right after separating for the sleeves. I also knit the button band solid with no button holes. I just wanted something that would look great thrown over a long tee to keep baby snugly!

Into the baby shower stash this goes! I love this pattern, but I will admit by the end of this project I was ready for a different pattern….

Happy Knitting!

A Rye Update

I would like to start this post to give some love to a great project going on over at at Knitting Sarah, and that is Socks with Sarah KAL!! I’m not personally participating yet as I have a lot on my plate with CMA study material, a full day job, and a husband….but you guys totally should!!!

So in honor of #SockswithSarah, I give you an update on my Rye Socks…


These socks haven’t seen much monogamous knitting time, but at least I’m almost to the first heel flap. I’m loving how the purl sections make the pattern pop! This pattern is free and was written by TinCanKnits. It’s a great pattern with great instruction…especially for first time sock knitters! Not to mention this worsted weight yarn goes crazy fast!

I picked a bright color to brighten up this cold and grey winter. Now if I could only knit more monogamously or faster….my feet could be warm!

Happy Knitting!

A Teeny Tiny Sophisticate

Just a quick post today… 

A dear friend requested a light cardigan for her 14 month old. It has been quite cold this winter and she worries about keeping her baby bear warm!



Knitting to the rescue!!!

Pattern: Baby Sophisticate – Free by Linden Down

Size: 12 months

Needles: US 8s

Yarn: Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in Berry Jam (I used just over two skeins of yarn, or 211.2 yards, or 174 grams)

Time: I whipped this out in a couple of evenings 

Mods: I chose to knit short sleeves because this little tornado gets her hands into EVERYTHING and Mom is always rolling up her sleeves anyway.

Now I’m off to work and to spend some serious hours studying for my CMA exam!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Spiral Leg Warmers

Tah Dah!!!! This WIP is finally a FO!!!


Pattern: Spiral Rib Leg Warmers by Purl Bee

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Lady Slipper

I used approximately 462 yards, 212 grams, or just about 4 1/2 skeins. This was a long hibernating WIP, so we won’t discuss how long it took to finish 🙂


Mods: the pattern is written for small size only….so I swatched and did the math. I ended up casting on 68 stitches. Based on my, ahem, athletically muscled legs these can definitely be quantified as “large” size.


This was Stashbustin’ #24 back in 2013 for anyone keeping score.

TGIF and Happy Knitting!

Swatch For Antrose

Time out….time for a yarn substitution! I had swatched my original yarn choice, Knit Picks Brava Worsted in grey for my Antrose sweater. And I didn’t like it….like at all. So I pulled some Lion Brand Heartland (aran weight) in a light tan/brown and swatched to see if I could get gauge. I even washed and blocked them like a proper knitter. Here they are dry and ready to go!



I was shocked that my gauge was actually closer with this aran weight (which is still 10 ply like worsted but still tends to be finer/smaller). I got both gauge going both directions!



And just to be double sure….I knit one repeat of the pattern chart. There are chevrons that run up the middle of the sweater.



Slightly looser gauge than stockinette, but I can mitigate that by keeping my “charted” stitches tighter as I switch back and forth between purls and knits.



The color in my swatch pictures doesn’t really show the “true” color. So I trooped my swatches off to the husband’s bathroom (it has great light) and snapped a photo to give a better idea of the color.



A couple of knitters/followers suggested using a contrast color for the chart/chevron portion. But after swatching…I find I like the simplicity of the monochromatic look. Now if I only could find the time to start the darn thing! My studies have just eaten up all my free time! All I feel like I have time for are small projects like hats and baby sweaters… #firstworldknittingproblems

Happy Knitting!

9 Ways to Catch Blog Readers’ Attention

This post made my morning…well worth the read!

Lime Scented

1. Start with a dramatic title which is only tangentially related to the post.

2. Explain that you haven’t been able to blog, not because you’re not knitting, but because you have no way of taking pictures in cold, grey weather while staying as a guest at someone else’s place, and a blog post without pictures is deemed an abomination.

3. Promise that knitting has been happening, prove it by pointing readers towards the Ravelry project pages which have been updated.

4. Tantalize readers with promises of a new and inspired creation, a self-designed pattern which is just perfect.

5. Talk rapturously about its colours, coming up with ever-so-many synonyms for red: scarlet, brick, burnt, deep, blood and boticelli.

6. Share a secret-sisterhood-smirk with readers who use Malabrigo yarn and therefore know precisely what you mean by the last synonym.

7. Throw in a yarn photo for those who don’t.



View original post 30 more words

WIP and FO Object Wednesday: Appi Slopes #2

My friend squealed over the sight of my first Appi Slopes hat. And the pattern is quite addicting, so I cast on another. It just flew off the needles!

Project: Appi Slopes (#2) by Melissa Mall


Needles: US 4

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Duchess Heather

I used 196.8 yards or 60 grams. That is just about 1.2 of the teeny skeins.


I did one mod this time. With all the trouble I had with seeing the brim closed last time, I elected to knit the brim together before moving to the stockinette section. My Rav notes on this are here.

It worked okay….but the plastic brim made it hard to knit around the first few rows and my stitches at the join are wonky looking. BUT….it’s very stretchy and flexible. I’m calling this one a draw.


(Sorry about the photos…it’s dark too fast this time of year. So I took these in my guest bath because it has the best light I can manage in the house)

This was #4 for 2014 Stashbustin’

Happy knitting!!