A Much Better Fit

Sock number two is complete for my Active Vanilla Socks!

The fit is MUCH better. I used 50 stitches and changed the leg to 1×1 ribbing. Otherwise it’s the same toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel I intended to make in the first place.

This sock fabric is pretty thick and don’t fit in my dress boots. But they fit extremely well in my house shoes and snow boots. These will be excellent snuggly warm deep winter socks. And I should be able to find them in the dark they are so bright! Now I just need to start sock number three or re-do sock number one depending on how you look at it.

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Mere’s Eyelet Cowl

 I surrender, this project defeated me! It’s done and while it’s pretty….it’s not the fabric I was wanting to create.


Pattern: My own, Rav notes here

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Black

Needles: US  10 1/2

Finished size: 19.5 inches long and 10 inches tall.

I had previously blogged about slogging through this. I should have realized that it was a slog because the fabric created did not match the original. I finally gave in and bound off just to be done. I used 70% of the skein or 129.5 yards. I am going to start another cowl in a deep purple in a stitch pattern that better matches the original. I will still probably gift this cowl to Mere as well. There is nothing wrong with it as it’s very soft and pretty. I’m just disappointed in myself for “forcing” the knit.

Oh well, I guess I have to knit more!

Sock Update

 I’ve been working on my socks on my commutes and lunches here lately.  First up are my Active Vanilla Socks  

This is sock number two that I started with less stitches. I haven’t tried it on but it looks much better. I’ve turned the heel and I’m working through 1×1 rib for the leg. I also mustered the strength to pull out sock number one and the yarn is waiting patiently to be reknit.

Next up is my Mandrake Vanilla Sock in String Theory Colorworks MCN base.

I’ve completed the foot and installed the lifeline for the afterthought heel. This sock is just so soft that I find this project being my “comfort” knitting. This might end up being a tall sock because I still have a generous ball of yarn left. We shall see…

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Dad’s Lap Blanket

Just a quick fly by post. After a stressful day yesterday culminating in getting my rear end kicked in volleyball….I needed to cast something on!

I pulled out more Bernat Blanket from my stash and cast on Dad’s Lap Blanket. I’m aiming for a wider blanket than the one for Mom. I chained 80 stitches and I am having Mom measure hers to make sure this one is bigger. Because this crafter didn’t take copious notes 😊!

Happy crafting!


I’ve been working on the last of my knitting requests. And boy I’m just not inspired….

I’m three inches done of 15 total. But this project is black (not my fav color), not my favorite yarn, and it’s keeping me from my Aeon vest. I dearly love my friend so I’m going to keep plugging along. This is why I don’t knit for craft fairs anymore or for other people much. I do best when I work on something that captures my mood rather than a to-do list. 

Does this mean I’m growing as a fiber artist or just that I have project ADD? 😜

Happy Knitting!

A Sock For A Giant

Warning: Huuuuuuuge guage fail ahead!

Doesn’t my finished Active Vanilla sock look pretty?  

It’s pretty…..huge that is! Look at all that extra fabric. I should have listened to my instincts. This was 60 stitches in DK weight on US 3s. That’s apparently about 10 stitches too many. This would have fit my husband width wise!

I started sock #2 from the second ball with 50 stitches and I’m zooming right along. I’m almost to the heel. The first sock is sitting waiting to be ripped out and reknit. I guess this pair is going to require three knit socks to render a usuable pair!

Harrumph! I mean Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Sarah’s Dino Hat

I finished one of my knit worthy gifts!

Pattern: (modified)  Dino Cap by Kris Hansen

Yarn: Caron Simply soft in Dark Sage and Brown


This is a toddler pattern I made for Jellybean last summer. I knew I needed roughly 100 stitches to make an adult hat at my guage. So I just did the math to upsize the pattern instructions to fit. It was fairly easy using excel and some critical thinking.

The ear flaps were a tad long for my taste but the 15 year old loved it. I opted not to continue the spikes onto the forehead, it just looked weird on the adult version. Overall I’m very happy. The double thick brim and ear flaps makes a cozy hat. I might need to make this hat for myself in wool minus the Dino spike of course.  

Happy Knitting!

Son Of A Swatch

You know how I thought my swatch for the Aeon vest was weird? Well it is, it totally is!

This puppy was knit on US 9s because I’m a complete imbecile. The 6 was really an upside down 9 and my mommy brain couldn’t process it. Son of a swatch! I’ve now secured the requisite US 6 needles in Hiya Hiya 32 inch bamboo fixed circulars. I’ve also ripped out the above swatch. I’m hoping the swatch on the correct needles with the less slippery bamboo will do the trick.

I just have one more question….is it wine o’clock?