Truth In Advertising

I love my husband but he is not the best gift giver. He means well but left to his own devices he usually ends up in left field. So when I come across something I like I send him an email with the subject: wife gift suggestion. From this treasure trove of goodies he selected my Mother’s Day present….

Two new t-shirts for my nerd shirt collection! I love them both and are the first I reach for out of my drawer. They both pretty much reflect truth in advertising for mr life right now, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

Caution: Obsession Ahead

I talked about my memory sock blanket on Monday. I may be a bit obsessed…this was my project on Wednesday.

That’s four squares (and a DVR college softball game).

Here is where I am today….

I’m nine squares in and thoroughly addicted. I’m trying not to plan my colors too much. I even let my hubby pick a couple of squares. He didn’t find it as exciting as I did, lol. I can’t seem to find the mojo to work on anything ends…

What are you addicted to lately?

My First Hexipuff

In addition to my sock yarn memory blanket I decided to start a pile of hexipuffs as well. I have MORE than enough sock scraps to do at least two Hexipuffs per color. I made it through the first one!

I managed not only to cast off incorrectly (Kitchener instead of crochet cast off) but I also failed to stuff it with fiber fill….insert face palm here….

It was easily enough remedied without losing any stitches and only took a a few minutes. Doesn’t this look much better? These aren’t quite as zen as my mitre squares but still fulfilling.

Now I just need to work up a storage plan for these tiny puff so in 15 years when I have enough for a blanket I can find them!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Camo Vanilla Socks

Winter is coming…..just kidding. But Christmas is only getting closer and closer. I need another pair of socks for my Dad for his stocking. I had snagged some more Cascade Heritage Prints from my LYS. This is a nice green/brown Camo print which suits my dad perfectly.

This is a nice thick fingering yarn that I’m working on US 2s. True to my sock knitting form this is another toe up vanilla sock. I’m letting the print of the yarn do the hard work. It makes the sock literally fly. I LOVE THAT! 
This is more “zen” knitting for me!

Happy Knitting!

Casting On Memories

I’ve been hoarding my sock leftovers like tiny balls of gold. I’ve been dreaming of Hexi-puffs and mitre squares. I want to gather all these great scraps and memories. (Spoiler alert…I’m getting sappy because my tiny baby has turned in to a toddler overnight. How did that happen!?)

I did feel a bit overwhelmed at starting something so…long term. So I just dove in!

I started with the mitre square part first. (Ignore my wonky edge…that will be hidden by the next square). I’m going to frame each square in some grey sock yarn to ease the transition for some of my crazier colors. I can’t decide if I want to work a square and a hexi-puff concurrently or just wing it with both. I have more than enough scrap yarn to do several of each kind. Maybe I’ll even make a Frankenstein sock of leftovers. I’ve got more ideas than knitting time, lol. Time will tell…

Happy Knitting!

Finished Finished Finished 

Finished finished finished….

In Knitmore Girl speak this means knit, washed/blocked, and finish work done. Both my Baby Sophisticate #6 and #7 are COMPLETELY done thanks to a good Jellybean nap. I’m pleased with both. I even did grosgrain ribbon on the button bands, not to toot my own horn too loudly. Now I just need the babes to get here so I can wrap and deliver them!

Happy Friday!

Cast On: 22.5 Degrees

As I talked about awhile back I frogged my Clapo-Ktus shawl. I just wasn’t feeling it. So I fell down the Ravelry rabbit whole and came out with 22.5 Degrees by Martina Behm. It’s a straight forward garter stitch shawl with YO increases and all knits. Perfect for current state of mush for brains!

I pulled out some Hiya Hiya bamboo circulars and got this baby on the needles. The pattern is designed for highly variegated but I think my solid royal blue will be just fine and fit my wardrobe just beautifully.

I even managed to sneak some wine and knitting time while the hubby was doing bedtime with Jellybean. Pure bliss!

Happy Knitting!!

Party Cake Vanilla Sock Update

I realized over Cheerios with Jellybean this morning that I haven’t blogged in several days. Or more correctly….I hadn’t scheduled any posts as most of my content comes courtesy of the WordPress scheduler 😊. Nothing crazy going on, just the flow of life. I have been knitting though, so I thought I would drop a quick update on my travel/purse project!

I’ve been carting around my Party Cake Peep Vanilla socks in my purse. They received a lot of love due to a couple of trips to my parents house. The speckles are dangerously addictive and I completed the first sock already!

The fit is pretty good. The yarn is soft and smooshy. The finished fabric feels thin but not overly so. I’ll just have to see how it wears. This project has been perfect zen knitting for my frazzled brain of late.

What’s your zen knitting?

FO Friday: Beach Glass Vanilla Socks

My Beach Glass Vanilla Socks have hit the FO pile!

Pattern: 62 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel

Yarn: Mint Rain sport weight sock in Beach Glass color way

I had to start these twice because they were far too big to start with. Even now they don’t have as much negative ease as some of my socks. But they are still wearable. The heels are just a tad loose. See?

I’m still happy with them. The yarn was amaze balls and a strong finisher in my 2016 sock yarn experiment. I would definitely buy more yarn from Mint Rain. The colors are fab and the yarn base is nice to work with. Now on to more socks!

Happy Knitting!

My Baby Loves Knitting

Thanks to my wonderful husband and Jellybean I had a successful Mothers Day Cast On!

I managed to get the yarn wound (no small feet with this being a 600 yard skein and using my 1990s plastic ball wonder) and the pattern printed. The pattern is Old Man of Storr by Carie Harling for those with inquiring minds. 

I’m in the garter section and it’s nice easy knitting. I only have to keep track of four increases and make sure I know the right side and wrong side. The yarn is a cashmere blend and absolutely delicious! I’m not sure how much love this will get as I have a couple small projects in mind to get done soon. But it doesn’t matter because it was wonderful to knit on Mother’s Day and associate some great memories of little toddler hands helping me in those stitches.

Happy Knitting!