My First Hexipuff

In addition to my sock yarn memory blanket I decided to start a pile of hexipuffs as well. I have MORE than enough sock scraps to do at least two Hexipuffs per color. I made it through the first one!

I managed not only to cast off incorrectly (Kitchener instead of crochet cast off) but I also failed to stuff it with fiber fill….insert face palm here….

It was easily enough remedied without losing any stitches and only took a a few minutes. Doesn’t this look much better? These aren’t quite as zen as my mitre squares but still fulfilling.

Now I just need to work up a storage plan for these tiny puff so in 15 years when I have enough for a blanket I can find them!

Happy Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “My First Hexipuff

  1. I keep thinking about buying this pattern. I have been resisting because I have so many things in my queue already, but maybe it would be a good portable thing. I might have an extra comforter bag for storage….

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