Stopped Mid Row

Safely back home and back to my regular schedule. I had the itch to pick up my Chromatic Yarns Chevron blanket. When I pulled it from the bag, I realized I had stopped mid row….rookie mistake. But it does make it lie very nicely for photos.

I am solidly in the third color and really liking my color progression choices. This will definitely be a long term WIP. It is relatively puppy safe as it is contained in a single bag. But I only get so much knitting time in between puppy playing and sleepy snuggles. I mean, he’s only super tiny for a little while!

Happy Knitting!!

Let’s Go Home Knitting

My brain is full and I’m ready to head home tomorrow from my work conference. My travel socks didn’t get as much work as I had hoped at the conference. A lot of the days I chose not to carry my backpack and just a small clutch so I could move around the conference better. Which means less knitting but a healthier back and less foot pain.

I have seven hours of travel tomorrow so my goal is to double this progress and at least get through the full rainbow. Do you think I can make it?

Happy Knitting!!

A New Travel Sock

I have a quick work conference this week so of course none of my current knitting would work. I DEFINITELY needed to cast on something new!

I pulled some vintage KirbyWirby sock yarn from my stash. This one is her Rose Apothecary Remix color. I hand wound this into a big ball and I had a wee little toe for my flight halfway across the country.

I strategically got an aisle seat so I could knit comfortably on the first flight leg, but was not so lucky on leg number two. So I read my book for the last two hours. I am reading the latest Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum book. Yeah, I know they are all the same but I find that comforting!

Now I’m off to learn a whole bunch! Happy Knitting!!

Just The Heel

My Punch Bug Vanilla Socks are inching to the finish line. I find it intriguing that some socks practically fall off my needles where others take MONTHS. It’s not that I don’t love these socks, they just languished, lol.

The second full tube is done and almost perfectly matched the first sock. All I need now is to measure and cut in for the last afterthought heel. I have plenty of yarn left so that is a great feeling. The matching hat for this is languishing and I need to rip it out and start on better needles. #summerplans

Happy Knitting!!

Blanketing Along

Another week and another gymnastics class. I am firmly about three rows away from finishing color number two on my Chromatic Yarn ZigZag blanket!

I was able to snag a spot on one of the couches this week instead of a folding chair. That really felt the height of luxury! Gymnastics will be winding down for the year and PB will take the summer off. I have a 50% chance she will want to take up new classes in the fall. We will cross that bridge later!

Happy Knitting!!

My Go Bag

I have been on the go quite a bit more lately now that spring is here and it’s busy season. I have a “go bag” ready for kids appointments, meetings, gymnastics or whatever else comes up. I decided to give you all a peek!

Of course the main filler is a HUGE knitting project with all the yarn for a whole blanket. Because, why not? Next up is a leadership book I’m reading for my Diversity, Equity and Inclusion classes. This is followed by not one but TWO types of lotion. Of course I have a beverage, my knitting tools and stitch markers. Pretty sure my flexi flip sock needles are also in here and I don’t why, lol.

But that’s my go bag in a nutshell. The only thing its missing is a snack! Happy Knitting!!

How to Survive Work Conferences

How To Survive Accounting Conference Lectures: KNITTING!!

I did really well through the morning sessions but I was dragging after lunch. The economists started talking about statistics and I had to break out the knitting to stay awake since I don’t consume caffeine after lunch. I finished exactly one stripe on my Punch Bug Vanilla Socks and decided life was to short for boring classes so I left the conference early to get a jump start on my 2.5 hour drive home.

The winds here in Kansas have been brutal this spring. It was a long hard drive home and I literally collapsed in bed after my kids went to bed last night. Time for coffee and head off to work!

Happy Knitting!!

Bonus Hotel Knitting

I’m off to an accounting conference today and got some bonus hotel knitting in last night. The conference was JUST far enough away that I didn’t want to leave my house at 4:45 am so I drove down early.

A fluffy bed, no kids, no responsibilities meant a whole evening of uninterrupted knitting. I am still working on stripe number two in my Chromatic Yarns Chevron blanket. It really does take 35-45 minutes to do a full row and return row. But I’m finding my groove and getting really excited about this project. I’ll have to pull out my purse sock for the conference today as this blanket is definitely too unwieldly!

Happy Knitting!!

Half Of Another Rainbow

Look at me following through on plans! I pulled my first finished tube of my Punch Bug Vanilla Socks and cut in my afterthought heel.

I used the leftovers from the first 50 grams to knit this heel. I tried to put the colors where a color wouldn’t touch itself. I also took note of how many grams I need to do the second sock with the color management I have had to do.

I really like how the heel turned out. I have my own “recipe” for an afterthought heel that adds the depth I need by adding some plain rows in to the basic toe shape. I was a little miffed that I JUST missed ending in yellow and a few pops of orange. Oh well!

Happy Knitting!!

Knot In The Rainbow

I forgot to tell you all that when I was at the doctor this week, I found a knot in my Felici yarn! I know, I know….knots are normal and acceptable in commercially produced yarn. But this knot totally interrupted my rainbow. This color change totally skipped light blue and yellow and went straight to orange.

So I took a deep breath and pulled out from the skein until I got back to a dark blue spot. I kinda had to fudge it since I already had some dark blue stitches knit on but not a full stripes worth. I ended up with a nice hunk of yarn pulled out.

I’m going to continue my sock to preserve the rainbow. I may have to get creative for the heel on this one. I might kick over to the first tube and get the heel installed so I know how much yarn that afterthought heel requires.

I still hate knots. Happy Knitting!!