FO Friday: Dino Hat

I’m just a little bit giddy over this hat. I may have squeed a bit after weaving in ends! The Dino Cap for Jellybean is done and ready for winter.

  The spikes turned out a but fussy. I couldn’t get the look I wanted so I just said forget it and went with the pattern directions for construction. I just really wanted this to be finished.That being said I did detour from the pattern instructions when I went to attach them. I didn’t want a lot of bulk at back of the skull because Jellybean will have to wear this in the car seat. So I scrunched up my spikes on the forehead  and left the back flat. I think it’s adorable and functional! And how warm does that double thick brim with ear flaps look?!
  Pattern: Dino Cap by Kris Hansen

Size: 2 year old

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Green and Brown (I used roughly 180 yards between the two colors)

Needles: US 6s and US 7s

Mods: See above for spikes   My notes and project are raveled here for any additional details.

I hope you have a Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!

Training Socks

As a reward for getting my Checkerboard Socks off the needles I pulled yarn from the stash for the next pair. I’m going to be in training and conferences for work on and off for most of August and into September so I need a pair of traveling vanillas.

I pulled the Saki Bamboo (light fingering) from my stash in a nuetral grey with short rainbow striping. I got this as a Mother’s Day yarn splurge back in May. I’ve been dying to knit with this. I’m thinking I’m going to model these after my Maple Vanilla socks and do a 74 or 76 stitch sock on US 0s. Again to ward off mommy brain and forgetting I gathered up yarn, needles, notions and loaded a project bag.

Now to just cast on! Happy Knitting!!

A Lovely Pair Of Socks

My second FO of the week. I’m on something of a finishing kick!! Here are my Checkerboard Socks in all their glory!  Pattern: My own 70 stitch 5×5 Checkerboard pattern with stockinette sole and afterthought heel

Yarn: Across the Yarniverse sock in Bubble Gum

Needles: US 1 8″ inch Addi Turbo circulars

I forgot to weigh these babies but I used probably 90% of the 100 gram skein?

These are some of the best fitting and comfy socks I’ve made to date. They feel amazing on my feet even in the heat of the Kansas summers. Seriously the heat index has been topping out in the 110 to 117 range lately, long story short….its hot! The only downside is that this yarn base is hand wash only. This was some of the first sock yarn I every purchased and I didn’t pay attention to care instructions. All my other hand knits have been superwash where I gently machine wash them and then lay out to dry. I’m going to have to try to remember to take better care of these. It would be a shame to mess them up!

Happy Knitting!

A Question Of Leftovers

I finished my Jacoby mitts and posted yesterday. I only used 40 grams of yarn out of 100 total. That meant I have 60 grams of yummy yarn goodness leftover. I considered making another pair of gloves. But my brain wanted a change up. So I thought why not split the leftovers into two balls and knit two toe-up socks until I run out of yarn. I’m thinking my basic 68 stitch vanilla sock worked from the inside of the ball with afterthought heel worked from the outside of the ball. That way I can finish the heel and maximize my leftovers. And to make sure I’d get a start on this during Jellybean’s nap time I weighed and wound up the leftovers, pulled. the correct needles, and got everything including notions pulled into one project bag.

I have no excuse to start these ASAP right? What do you do with your leftovers?

Two Mitts, One Happy Knitter!

My Jacoby Mitts are finito!  They are snug without being too tight. The yarn is a superwash merino/nylon base so I’m hoping they stand up well with no pilling as I type and work. On a side but related note….how hard is it to take good pictures of your hands? Lol, I had to have the hubby help! Even then one hand would appear smaller/larger in the photo unless I kept my hands spaced correctly.
 I used a free pattern and yarn from my stash. A win for this girl! Not mention the instant gratification of a quick project! I absolutely adore the pops of deep purple, blues and bits of white that appear. Very much like the blackberries I used to pick in my Grandparent’s garden.

Pattern: Jacoby from Berroco

Yarn: Cloudlover Sock yarn in Blackberry Truffle

Needles: Size US 1 8″ Addi Turbo circular needle

Size: 60 stitches as per pattern

Mods: Lengthened the arm portion and finger portion to add cover more of my wrists and fingers.

These worked up easily and quickly on my circs. I am going to keep this pattern in mind for quick and easy gifts for birthday and holidays. My sister make like a pair maybe? And the best part is that this is not my only FO this week….stay tuned….

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Maple Vanilla Socks

 Yay for finished socks!!! My Maple Vanilla socks are done….


Pattern: an iteration of my 74 stitch toe-up vanilla sock

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Maple Leaves

Needles: US 1 (8 in circular)

Definitely two fraternal socks but adorable none the less. I like how the ribbing hugs my ankle and keeps the sock from slouching. I will have to see how they wear but for now they are going into the sock drawer. It’s 90+ degrees of humid heat here in Kansas, lol. Not much call for wool socks!


Happy Knitting!

A Growing Gru

 My husband’s Gru scarf is growing!


After some swatching I’ve settled on pattern ratio of black to grey. I think it’s pretty smart looking. I’ve been weaving in my ends as I go and I’ve grafted the cast on edge. This way I don’t have to fuss with the tube as it grows. I’ve taken this project in the car and to work so it can see some action before Halloween gets any closer!

P.S. My project bag for this project is a Halloween bag from dollar tree. I think it’s appropriate in this case 🙂

WIP Wednesday: Jacoby Mitts

 One mitt is in the books! This worked up crazy fast, which is good because I don’t have a lot of knitting time these days.


I love how something all scrunched up (below) can turn into loveliness (above). God bless ribbing!

I did do some mods like knitting an extra inch off the arm portion. I wanted something that would tuck up under my sleeves. The thumb opening is tight but not uncomfortable. Someone warned me about this so I was nervous. And I knit the hand portion until it covered my knuckles. I’m super happy! 

I even made sure to cast on the second mitt before this filtered to the bottom of my knitting bag. This yarn makes my heart go pitter patter so I doubt these take long to finish!


Happy Knitting!

What’s On My Needles #11

I’ve had some training seminars this week, aka lots of time in dark ballrooms and computer labs. So my Checkerboard Socks have seen some action. ( I’ve never knitted where it bothers other people or the instructor, only when it’s appropriate.


I’m past the heel waste yarn and almost to the ribbing/cuff. I have more training coming up so maybe these will join the FO pile soon! I’m totally digging the subtle variations in color. 

Happy Knitting!

All But The Spikes!

As hoped I managed to finish the hat portion! It’s looking a bit big even for growing boy. But jellybean is not in the mood to try this one so I’m not sure yet.  


 I even started one of the spikes!


I’m not sure if it’s my execution or the pattern but it looks a bit messy to me. I think I’m going to play around with the next couple of spikes to find what I like. The pattern I’m using is this one. I’d like a smoother edge so I’m going to slip the edge stitches to see what kind of holes/edge that makes.

Happy Knitting!