FO Friday: MOA Shawl

Drum roll please, my MOA shawl is blocked and ready for her close up!

Pattern: MOA (Mother-of-All) Shawl by Nick Davis

Yarn: MJ Yarns Simple Sock in the Mice and Men color

Needles: US 7

Mods: Had to alter the bind off to avoid yarn chicken. I worked rows 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 19 and 20. And I made it with less than 3 yards!

This yarn base is made with 75% Corriedale Yarn and 25% nylon. It’s definitely not a merino like soft yarn. It has some tooth to it and I wouldn’t necessarily want a full sweater of this next to my skin…personally. But this yarn is a light fingering and just blocks and drapes BEAUTIFULLY.

Above is a close up of my modified bind off to account for that fact that I didn’t have the full 440 yards of yarn the pattern requests. Based on weight I had about 350 yards of yarn and I put all but 3 yard of that into this shawl. But I think modifications work and it really blends with the overall aesthetic of the shawl.

This really did block out bigger like I had hoped. As I talked about earlier I’m finding the one skein shawls, especially those triangle shaped, to be harder to style, wear and keep on all day long.  I’m finding my taste shifting to toward two and three skein projects these days. But I started this in 2017 before I made that pivot so I’m going to give myself a little grace here.

I’m glad to finish a long languishing WIP and get a new shawl for my drawer. The pattern was easy and intuitive and I may well consider making it again but next time with two skeins worth of yarn instead of one and really go big with it. Now on to my next knitting adventure!

Happy Knitting

MOA Shawl Rebooted

I had one project that made it through the Finish or Frog It round last week. And that was my MOA shawl. Those long time readers may or may not remember that I cast this one in November of 2017 and then it got cast carelessly aside so that I could pursue Pigskin Party glory. (Note: I won nothing in that particular KAL that year!)

I so hastily set this project aside that I left in the MIDDLE OF A ROW! I quite literally never let myself do that. But apparently it was a thing for me in 2017. But past Rachelle was kind to current Rachelle and I had been making tic marks on a printed pattern that I left in the project bag. I quickly ascertained what row I should be on and knit the rest of the tow. But seriously guys….I had like 25/26 stitches left in 2017…why didn’t I finish that???

Nevertheless, I shall persist. This is quite possibly going to be my lunchtime/conference call knitting this month. I’d really like to see if I can turn this into a FO and be ready for fall. These nice golden brown neutral colors should be a nice addition to my wardrobe. Presumably this is why I bought this yarn, lol

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Dino Hat

I’m just a little bit giddy over this hat. I may have squeed a bit after weaving in ends! The Dino Cap for Jellybean is done and ready for winter.

  The spikes turned out a but fussy. I couldn’t get the look I wanted so I just said forget it and went with the pattern directions for construction. I just really wanted this to be finished.That being said I did detour from the pattern instructions when I went to attach them. I didn’t want a lot of bulk at back of the skull because Jellybean will have to wear this in the car seat. So I scrunched up my spikes on the forehead  and left the back flat. I think it’s adorable and functional! And how warm does that double thick brim with ear flaps look?!
  Pattern: Dino Cap by Kris Hansen

Size: 2 year old

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Green and Brown (I used roughly 180 yards between the two colors)

Needles: US 6s and US 7s

Mods: See above for spikes   My notes and project are raveled here for any additional details.

I hope you have a Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!

Yarn Sale: part one

I have been seriously de-stashing in 2013. But alas even with as fast as my fingers can knit….I still have a crap load of yarn. So this weekend I’m taking a hard look at my “stash” and deciding what I will and won’t use.

Good news for you guys??? I’m going to post several updates today with lots of yarn for sale. At a DEEP discount, I might add. Not all of it has labels anymore but I will do my best to give good specifications and descriptions. If you see something you like, leave a comment with your name and email and I’ll message you about the lot. I will only be accepting payment via Paypal. First come, first served. If someone backs out, I will move on to the next comment email according to time. Don’t leave your address or personal information in a comment. I’ll email you to get specifics so the whole internet doesn’t have to see 🙂

First item on the block….a bunch of Lion Brand Homespun


  • 6 oz full skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Herb Garden Lot #100699
  • 6 oz full skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Barrington Color #336 Lot #M55002
  • 6.5 oz full skein of Homespun (variegated brown/pink)
  • 4.4 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Delft Lot #112270
  • 4.9 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (light purple)
  • 2.1 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (dark variegated purple)
  • 1.2 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (dark purple)
  • 0.6 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (white)
  • 0.6 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (blue/white)


Yarn has been stored in plastic tubs and smaller amounts are wound in cakes. My house does have dogs in it but I keep them away from my yarn, just in case you have allergies.


I’m asking $28 total and that includes shipping costs in the US. If you are interested and are outside the US, email me at to discuss.

FO Friday: Simple Stockinette Blanket


I’m finished with Stashbustin’ #9. This was one of my less than enjoyable knitting projects. I started here, then changed course here, finally made at least some progress here, and thus leaving me utterly done with this project!

It really did need a third skein of yarn. But I just couldn’t bare the thought of continuing to work on this blanket, so I just cast off.


I ended up with roughly a 55 inch long by 32 inch wide strip of knitting. I’m thinking lap blanket??? Who the heck knows…


Folded in half it makes two appropriately sized baby blankets. Maybe I should get a pillow insert and seam around it for a pillow cover?


I did learn a few things from this experience:

A) Always check gauge or risk ending up with a wonky size

B) I learned how I need to treat chenille for both maximum stitch definition and fabric quality

C) I should listen to my mother

I WILL work with this yarn again. I just need a better game plan next time! But now this project is done and I can focus on my raglan cardi.

TGIF and Happy Knitting!!