MOA Shawl Rebooted

I had one project that made it through the Finish or Frog It round last week. And that was my MOA shawl. Those long time readers may or may not remember that I cast this one in November of 2017 and then it got cast carelessly aside so that I could pursue Pigskin Party glory. (Note: I won nothing in that particular KAL that year!)

I so hastily set this project aside that I left in the MIDDLE OF A ROW! I quite literally never let myself do that. But apparently it was a thing for me in 2017. But past Rachelle was kind to current Rachelle and I had been making tic marks on a printed pattern that I left in the project bag. I quickly ascertained what row I should be on and knit the rest of the tow. But seriously guys….I had like 25/26 stitches left in 2017…why didn’t I finish that???

Nevertheless, I shall persist. This is quite possibly going to be my lunchtime/conference call knitting this month. I’d really like to see if I can turn this into a FO and be ready for fall. These nice golden brown neutral colors should be a nice addition to my wardrobe. Presumably this is why I bought this yarn, lol

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Knitted Knockers

The Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL is here! And on the first day I wanted to get a quick victory and clear out some old stash. I have two skeins of Cascade Ultra Pima in my stash from 2012 that never found the right project. Well, it is in fact once of the approved yarn for Knitted Knockers so both skeins are destined to become boobs!

To make sure I could wrap my head around the construction and get used to the size 8 DPN needles, I made an A cup size first. The first of the pair flew off my needles in one evening!

Un-stuffed it looks like a weird pyramid, lol. But other than some slight laddering between the needles I’m quite pleased. I remembered halfway through how I need to tighten the stitches after switching needles to discourage laddering. So the second one will be better. 

The charity accepts them in this state (un-stuffed). But I want to see what they look like filled so I think I will stuff this pair just to see. My plan is to sprinkle in some knitted knockers among my other KAL projects to get a fast win here an there but also to do some good for women healing from a mastectomy.

Happy Knitting!!

Status Update: Chevron Baby Blanket

Finally some progress on stashbustin’ #7!


This pattern by the Purl Bee is addictive! This is my second go round with this pattern and its just as good as the first. This is my “calm before bed knitting”. I work a few rows every night and I’m almost done with my third stripe!


This pattern makes me think of the Peanuts cartoon for some reason. I find peace and the ability to meditate while working on it. It’s really helping me deal with my Grandmothers passing. Slow and steady progress as row after row of stitches form on my needles. Nothing complicated, just garter stitch beauty.

I’ll be sad when this blanket is finished but I can’t wait to see the end result!

Now I am off to pack for another weekend family event (a much happier one). My other grandmother is turning 80! We are going to let our hair down and stuff ourselves silly! So I’m off to land of little to no cell coverage and no wifi, see you on the other side!!