WIP Wednesday: Conference Vanilla Socks

I had 32 hours of CPE in the past two weeks at work. For those that don’t know that’s continuing professional education and mine was in governmental finace and financials. Sounds exhilarating right? That’s roughly four days of all day lecture on less than sizzling topics. Needless to say I packed my knitting! I have one FO to share Friday that I managed to finish but I also made good progress on another WIP…

These are my conference vanilla socks in Saki Bamboo. This yarn is heavenly! And the stripes make my heart sing. The first sock is done sans the afterthought heel. The second sock represents my progress over 2.5 days of lecture. I finished the foot and roughly half of the leg. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

 Oh how I wish I had discovered knitted socks in college! Oh the pile of knits I could have completed during boring lectures…. With jellybean my knitting time is limited so I definitely relished this time to knit peacefully.

Happy Knitting! 

FO Friday: Tony the Toy Box Monster

I made it! Jellybean’s birthday toy is done!

He may not have gone according to plan but he’s cute and lovably squishy. This is Tony the Toy Box Monster by Rebecca Danger from the Big Book of Knitted Monsters. I used a combination of Knit Picks Brava Bulky in pea pod and Berroco Vintage Chunky in purple. I didn’t have enough of the pea pod to finish but I think the pop of purple adds charm! I did go down to US 7s instead of the 9s. But it didn’t affect my monster.

Now to wrap him up for Jellybean’s big day tomorrow. I literally cannot believe my baby is going to be 1! Pardon me while I sniffle into my stash…

Happy Knitting!

I’m definitely crazy…

There are six days to jellybean’s first birthday and I’ve decided to knit a toy for his birthday..

 It’s Tony the Toy Box Monster by Rebecca Danger. I pulled some Knit Picks Brava Bulky in pea pod. I didn’t have size 9s so I’m working on size 8s. The fabric is a bit dense but not unworkable. I’m not sure I’ll have enough to do the entire thing in green so I’m considering purple appendages. Fingers crossed I can get it done in time!

Happy knitting!!

FO Friday: Minion Hat

Grandma to the rescue! Thanks to her crochet skills Jellybean’s Minion Hat is done!! She sent me the minion eyes…


I still need to do some more tacking of the eyes to both secure them for baby hands and make them lay attractively.

The eyes are a little high and kind of googley are adorable nonetheless  

I don’t have the stats on the total yarn used but it was a great stashbuster of leftover bits. It’s Caron Simply Soft in Sunshine, Black, Cobalt Blue, and White. My ravelry page is here.

Now I just need to figure out how to get Jellybean to model this and keep it on his head for more than 30 seconds. I think I have secured the necessary overalls for his Halloween costume but I still need to find a yellow shirt. Not to mention get my but in gear on the Gru scarf! It’s less than two months to Halloween!

Happy Knitting! 

A Finished Flax

Jellybean’s Flax sweater has been finished with the knitting for several days but it’s still “a block away” as the Knitmore Girls say. And since my shingles have sidelined my knitting I thought I’d share this in its current state.  

Pattern:  Flax by Tin Can Knits from their Simple Collection

Needles: U.S. 6 and 8 needles

Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Pageant

Size: 2-3 years

mods: none

I’m hoping a good blocking will highlight the fantastic ridge detail of the garter section on the arms. I used 216 grams of yarn or just over 4 skeins of yarn. I’m glad I chose the 2-3 year old size so that Jellybean will get more wear out of it. He’s almost a year old and firmly in 24 month clothing. Now I just need to find a time where it’s not too hot and Jellybean is in the mood to model this FO after its blocking bath. Cross your fingers for that perfect storm will you?

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Flax

I’ve squeezed in some more progress on Jellybean’s Flax sweater from the Tin Can Knits Simple collection.

Both sleeves are done and I have one full skein and two tiny partial skeins to finish this sweater. I still think I’m in the territory of yarn chicken but we will see. Fingers crossed! And I really want to finish this before fall gets here. Especially since I still have a Gru scarf to finish and I think jellybean needs a vest for fall as well. So many ideas and so little time…

Happy knitting!!