Arya Colors

As promised, here is the second color section of my Arya Shawl. I have found this to be my “reward” knitting of late. It is busy season for this accountant at work so I come home pretty much wiped out. And so in the quiet of the evening I have been reaching for this project to work on. I may only have time for a few rows before I fall asleep but with DK weight yarn it shows the progress quickly. The shawl looks less thong like now.

I’m super late the party with the grellow color combination. But I’m really loving the grey and yellow contrast. But with this Chubbs and Squeak yarn also being a tweed yarn there is a consistent element flowing throughout. I’m still not 100% proficient on my CCD or centered double decreases and I have to fudge them sometimes to keep my stitch counts correct. But hey, this is garter stitch so it’s very forgiving!

My favorite of favorite parts so far? The mosaic slipped stitch color work portion that transitions between the two colors. it just makes my heart happy!

Happy knitting!!

Cast On: Knitted Knockers

The Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL is here! And on the first day I wanted to get a quick victory and clear out some old stash. I have two skeins of Cascade Ultra Pima in my stash from 2012 that never found the right project. Well, it is in fact once of the approved yarn for Knitted Knockers so both skeins are destined to become boobs!

To make sure I could wrap my head around the construction and get used to the size 8 DPN needles, I made an A cup size first. The first of the pair flew off my needles in one evening!

Un-stuffed it looks like a weird pyramid, lol. But other than some slight laddering between the needles I’m quite pleased. I remembered halfway through how I need to tighten the stitches after switching needles to discourage laddering. So the second one will be better. 

The charity accepts them in this state (un-stuffed). But I want to see what they look like filled so I think I will stuff this pair just to see. My plan is to sprinkle in some knitted knockers among my other KAL projects to get a fast win here an there but also to do some good for women healing from a mastectomy.

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Minion Hat

Grandma to the rescue! Thanks to her crochet skills Jellybean’s Minion Hat is done!! She sent me the minion eyes…


I still need to do some more tacking of the eyes to both secure them for baby hands and make them lay attractively.

The eyes are a little high and kind of googley are adorable nonetheless  

I don’t have the stats on the total yarn used but it was a great stashbuster of leftover bits. It’s Caron Simply Soft in Sunshine, Black, Cobalt Blue, and White. My ravelry page is here.

Now I just need to figure out how to get Jellybean to model this and keep it on his head for more than 30 seconds. I think I have secured the necessary overalls for his Halloween costume but I still need to find a yellow shirt. Not to mention get my but in gear on the Gru scarf! It’s less than two months to Halloween!

Happy Knitting! 

A Growing Minion

 Thanks to some 4th of July grandparents time I’ve made some progress on my mini minion hat!


I’ve completed the goggle band and ready to start the crown decreases. Unfortunately I’m out of the sunshine yellow (insert face palm here). I’ve been to two Walmarts and a Joanns so far with no dice. Apparently neon yellow is in and sunshine is out. My last hope is Michaels so fingers crossed!

I also attempted to make eyes for the minion using YouTube tutorials. Let’s just say I need more practice. My mom saw my attempts, giggled and then promised to make them for me. So I left the yarn in her hot little hands!

Happy knitting!!

FO Friday: Candy Corn Hat and Booties

Happy Friday!! I have a FO to show you 🙂


My Candy Corn Hat and Booties are done! This was a crazy fast knit. Including the fact that I basically knit the hat twice. I chose to knit the hat in the round on a circular instead of double pointed needles. This caused an EPIC pattern reading fail that I didn’t notice until I was almost done. But I digress…


IMG_0366.JPGPattern: Candy Corn Hat and Booties by Lion Brand Yarn

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Off-White and Sunshine and Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta. I used very little yarn. All told it was 47 gram or 67.7 yards of yarn. Obviously much more yellow and orange than white. This would great for using up scraps!

Needles: US 8 circulars

Mods: I cast on 68 stitches instead of the pattern prescribed 60 to allow for growing room for Jellybean and the fact that my husband’s family tends to grow big headed babies, lol. My project is Raveled here.

Depending on baby size and weather, this might be Jellybean’s Halloween costume. We will see what the baby brain fog brings. For now I’m just going to continue to knit until he or she gets here!

Happy Knitting!


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to those in the US!!

This is just a quick post to show you something awesome, my last hexagon for Jellybean’s blanket! Just need a little more decaf and then power through to the end…


Of course it needs a good bath and blocking to flatten out the hexagons. And I plan on crocheting a simple single crochet border, probably in green? So it’s not done but oh so close!!!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Jellybean’s Hexi-ghan

I only thought I was done….


My blanket for jellybean is just slightly off of a square. I know it will stretch some when washed and blocked. But I really want more of a long rectangle.

Argh, that means at least one more row right when I thought I was done. Must knit faster… Only 5 weeks to go!

Happy Knitting!!!

WIP Wednesday: Everlasting Bag Stopper

Pregnancy has DEFINITELY slowed down my knitting mojo. Between un-fun symptoms and pregnancy brain….I just can’t handle my normal volume or pattern complexity. But I hate having idle hands. So I perused my Rav queue and found a basic in-the-round cotton market bag.

Pattern: Everlasting Bag Stopper by Amy Singer

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Yellow20140524-140221-50541005.jpg


The bottom of the bag is worked back and forth in garter stitch on very small needles (US 5s) and then you pick up around the edges of your rectangle to begin working in the round.

20140524-140221-50541573.jpgThen you switch to larger needles (US 10 1/2) and begin the lace section. This pattern is ULTRA easy to memorize. And who doesn’t love working in the round and not having to mess with purls, lol!

The only part of this project not knitted is the handle. The pattern calls for coordinating grosgrain ribbon or other strap material to be sewn to the top edge of your finished bag. Not sure which way I am going to go with this project.

Any suggestions?


FO Friday: Rye Socks

Confession time: I love thick yarn on large needles. I am totally in love with the instant gratification of a quick project. They just fill me with knitterly glee! On Wednesday, I had one finished Rye Sock…..well now the set is done!


Pattern: Rye by Tin Can Knits

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Yellow (I ended up using 211 yards or 113 grams of worsted weight yarn. Less than one skein of Simply Soft!)

Needles: US 4 and 5 dpns

Size: Large

Mods: I didn’t knit all the toe decreases as written in the pattern. I left out a few to create more room for my toes. It came out kind of square but very comfy!


I may or may not have accidentally made one cuff longer than the other. It is only about 1/2 inch so I’m not going to worry about it! I also had marked improvement on my kitchener stitch! Look at the right sock (first attempt) and left sock (second attempt) pictured above, much improved!

And now that I have conquered this pattern I’m going to knit some different colors/versions in wool! This set was just a test using acrylic to see if I liked the fit.

Don’t forget to swing over to Knitting Sarah and follow #sockswithsarah on social media and Ravelry. There are some really cool things happening over there! At enrollment is open for this KAL, so join why don’t you??

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Rye Socks

My first Rye Sock is in the books!! After I got the hang of the pattern it went CRAZY fast!



I opted to do a few less decreases at the toe section because I have a wide foot and dislike when sock “cut in” too far. Thus the finished sock has more a straight/square toe. But it’s delightfully comfortable!



You can’t see it very well, but my Kitchener graft is sketchy and rough looking. Not bad for a first timer but definitely need more practice, lol!



Now I’m off to cast one the second one to avoid the deadly SSS!

Happy Knitting!