Movie Theater Knitting

I hate sitting still doing nothing. And I married a man who loves movies. See my dilemma? Insert movie theatre knitting projects. I generally favor ruffle scarves and stockinette projects.

In the last month the husband has taken me to see Flight with Denzel Washington and the Oscar nominated Life of Pi. I cast on a simple stockinette tube to make a case for my workout mat.


Round and round she went in circles. Made with Sugar N Cream cotton in bright pink. I knit until I had a tube 2 inches longer than my mat and then started simple K2tog decreases to taper the end. I also threw in a few yarn overs in the 5th row to make eyelets to feed through a cord for a closure. Finished off with a garter strap for carrying.

<img src="" alt="20130223-130431.jpg" class="alignno


I could feel the stitches on my needles and therefore no need to have light to work. The tube was almost completely made in the theatre. The finishing bits I did complete at home with the aid of light. It stretched a bit in the strap but I don’t mind. It still keeps my mat from getting gunky. I also love that it’s washable cuz it takes quite a beating as I drag it back and forth to the gym.

What do you knit in the movies, or do you?