So Close!!

My Husbands Pats socks are soooooo close!

We took a last minute three day weekend not so long ago and I got some really good car knitting in. I finished the first sock and plowed through the second one. It’s Jan 30th and I have until Feb 7th (the Super Bowl) to get these done for the #dcspigskinparty2015 KAL.

Seriously it’s like 4 more inches of ribbing and done! Fingers crossed!!

FO Friday: Crochet Baby Blanket #2

I talked on Monday about my first (test) crochet blanket and how I started the second one. Guess what it’s done!


I chained fewer stitches on this one to make a longer blanket than the first and then worked the same half double crochet stitch. I was able to keep my edges straighter and my tension is much more even. I kept working until I  hit my totally length. But I still had a ton of yarn left so I added a single crochet border to even it out and use every bit of the yarn.

This was CRAZY fast I finished this one in a total of two sittings or roughly 5 hours. I definitely picked up steam from the first one. I don’t think I’m going to become a crazy crochet junkie but this is a nice skill to have to knock out a quick baby present. This blanket is going into the gift pile for a future tiny human.

I might be ready to start my mom’s blanket….maybe. The only caveat is that I think I’ll pick a variegated yarn that will cover a multitude of sins that is my beginning crochet, lol.

A Question of Leftovers

I’m starting to get quite a stash of leftover sock yarn and worsted weight. None of it is enough to make much of a project in and of itself. So I’ve been toying with the idea of a leftover blanket. A nice mashup of my leftovers woven into a nice memory project. 

For my sock scraps I’ve always eyed the The Beekeepers Quilt by tiny owl knits. This project has the awesome portability and quick gratification of socks. But the offset is a TON of seaming at the end. There are also a ton of mitered square blankets on Ravelry that would eliminate seaming but the project would be much less portable over time. I just can’t decide!

And the worsted scraps also present a unique challenge. They are mostly acrylic from my early knits. My inner wild child says to just cast on a bunch of stitches and work a crazy garter stitch blanket with random scraps. It might be ugly but it would be my memories keeping me warm!

What are your thoughts on scrap patterns and uses?

WIP Wednesday: Go Patriots! Socks 

I have made progress on the Hubby’s Go Patriots! Socks but alas it’s become eminently clear that these won’t make the #dcspigskinparty2015 KAL deadline of the Super Bowl. But no worries I’ll still get a cute FO regardless!

As you can see I’m finished with the heel of the first sock. I had a brainstorm while working the foot that these are just the first few socks I’ve knit for the husband. (I have just finished the Heritage Vanilla socks for the hubby and they used a 60% afterthought heel.) Now I know what kinds of heels I like in my socks but the hubby doesn’t (and maybe won’t care). Anyhow I’ve decided to do a gusset heel for this pair. That way he has a pair of each and can tell me which is more comfortable after wearing for awhile.

We will see but for the time being I need to get knitting!

Casu Cowl Rebooted

I managed to rip back my Casu Cowl blunder and start again with the correct pattern. 

I completed the set up and two pattern repeats. The patter is pretty straight forward and should be easy to memorize. The problem is that this yarn doesn’t sing to me. Therefore the project as a whole doesn’t get my mojo going. I don’t hate it….but given other options I always pick something else. I have a car trip coming up and the short back and forth rows should be good car knitting. I may just pack this project and only this project to get it off the needles.

This is definitely a case where I want the FO but I’m struggling with the actually knitting if it, lol.

Happy Knitting!

Working Out The Kinks

I finished my crochet baby blanket! I definitely had a few kinks in the process. I feel fairly clumsy with the hook still.

This is definitely a test piece! I had trouble controlling my tension and losing stitches at the end of my rows. Look how wonky this sides are! But I did get the hang of the half double crochet stitch and where to place my hook. This finished blanket turned out to be 21 inches by 27 inches so that’s not bad for baby sized. I’m still not ready to start a huge blanket and I had another single skein of this Bernat Baby blanket in my stash so I started a second one.

Upside is that this one is more even and the stiches are easier to see in the blue color. And boy howdy is this faster than knitting. I finished my white blanket in four sittings or roughly 8 hours! I don’t think I’ll end up being a huge crochet fiend but it is a great way to knock out a quick baby knit!

FO Friday: Not Quite Tube Socks

I have been collecting sock leftovers in a nice neat bag and in my 2016 Wishlist I wanted to knit Jellybean some tube socks. I have been mulling using Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls Genevieve’s Tube Socks. I had the yarn and the needles and took off. I pulled the Saki Bamboo from my  Conference Vanilla Socks in crayon box. I had 20 grams left and divided it in half.

At first blush they look fine…

They are waaaay to short! My baby had big feet and these “socks” are only 6 inches long. They don’t even cover his heels! The width is fine but they need to be twice as long. In other words I need at least 40 grams of sock yarn leftovers.

Oh well, we’ve repurposed them as gloves!

Happy Knitting!

Back In The Saddle

Taking care of Jellybean has put a serious dent in my reading. What little spare time I do get I usually spend knitting. But I keep seeing yummy books pop up on my friends Goodreads accounts and on  my favorite blogs. I decided to just get over myself and get back on the horse!

First up, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I’ve finished this one already. It took me awhile to get into the story but I enjoyed it. I’m waiting for the e-book copy of book two in the series to become available at my local library. 

In the mean time I’ve picked up Yarn Over Murder by Maggie Sefton.


I’ve been devoted to this series and this is book 12? They are light, fluffy, and I can predict the killer from a mile away. But I still love them. It’s just about the right amount of brain power and attention I can spare at the moment.

What are you reading?

WIP Wednesday: Go Patriots! Socks

Just a quick flyby up date on my Go Patriots! Socks.

This is A LOT of tiny stitches. I really want these to be done by the Super Bowl to count for the #dcspigskinparty2015. But I’m not sure I’ll get there. I don’t want rush so much that I stress myself out. This yarn from Berry Colorful Yarning is to die for! And the stripes are just so….stripey!

I’m still not sold on the black toes but my husband likes it. Pretty sure I will continue to complain about it until these are off my needles, lol. What’s a knitter to do but to keep knitting! 

Happy Knitting!

Never Will I Ever…

I never thought I would ever have the urge to crochet….and then this happened…

I have several LARGE skeins of Bernat baby blanket and my mom has been dropping hints hard core that she wants a lap blanket out of this. I tried to knit with this chenille yarn several times and HATED IT. The yarn is very grippy and sticks to itself. (My last project was here)

A couple fiber friends reccomended crochet. I experimented with double crochets and half double crochets. I settled on the half double crochet and an ergonomic size N hook. Mostly because my fingers found it comfortable and I could remember it. I chained a butt load of stitches then took off.

This will be a baby/receiving size blanket. I’m still working on hook placement, reading the stitches, and evening out my tension. This yarn is definitely easier to work with in crochet than in knitting. This peice is definitely a practice object. I don’t plan on giving it away as it’s terribly uneven. But I want to get better so I can do a nice blanket for my mom some day!

Happy Knitting…er, I mean Crochet!