Looming For Christmas

Nothing like leaving your to do list for the last minute. I realized that my Aunt Barb had requested some new potholders for Christmas or her birthday. So here I am weaving frantically at the 11th hour.

I am using my loom from the 1990s and new loops from Lotta Loops. This particular set of loops are pastels. My brain is on Christmas overload so I am not doing any crazy patterns. Just two tone colors that I think look good together. So far I have a warm color and a cool color one.

There are two in the bank and I would like to crank out two more….do you think I can make it?

Happy Holidays!!

Throwback Potholders

About 30 years ago I wove my mother some cotton pot holders. And for the most part they are all still in service but are showing their age. My mother asked if she could have some more because she really likes how much better they work than store bought one.

So I enlisted Jellybean and pulled out our bags of cotton loops to make some presents for Grandma. I did most of the weaving while Jellybean was in charge of color placement.

We managed one potholder with 30 year old loops (top right) and it was a BEAST because the loops were not as elastic anymore. Next up Jellybean devised a patterned one (bottom right). The colors aren’t my jab but I was proud of his 6 year old patterning ability. And finally we used newer loops to make a random one (left).

We wrapped a ribbon around the lot and sent off to Grandma to replace her kitchen collection. I thought Jellybean would be more into this project but after three he seems to be content and not really interested in making more. Maybe we will put the supplies away for a few months and try again this summer?

Happy Crafting!!

Throwback From Wayback

My parents recently did some furniture shuffling to give Jellybean his own bed in the den when we visit. Kid has been camping out on air mattress since he outgrew their crib. (Not that he minds). And this put a bee in my mothers bonnet and she started cleaning. Well she unearthed some treasures!

She found my sister and I’s old potholder weaving loom. And it still had a project sitting on it! This has to be no less than 15-18 years old because I think we put this aside before my sister and I started high school??

Jellybean and I sat down to play with it and we decided to finish the potholder. It was right up my four year old’s alley as it was a great way to help him learn patterns and sequences.

After a bit we had a finished potholder with obvious tension problems but functional none the less! Jellybean was super excited and put the pot holder to work in our play kitchen set. And I made a note to get a better hook to weave with, especially for the finishing.

And I actually have two looms, the plastic one with the project on it and then a wood and metal one pictured above. I need to look up some YouTube refreshers but I’m thinking (hoping) that maybe Jellybean and I can do some side by side crafting over the winter? Time will tell…

Happy Crafting!