Confessions Of A Knitting Blogger

I read a post similar to this my one of my husbands favorite video game bloggers. I decided to give it a go:

1: I read most of your wordpress blog posts in the wee hours of the morning while I’m up feeding jellybean. It helps me stay awake, lol.

2: I used the scheduling feature to post most of my own blogs. Jellybean just doesn’t allow for same day writing.

3: My knitting time here lately is slim but I manage to slip it in during long car rides, while pumping on breaks at work, and after jellybean goes to bed.

4: I’m becoming a yarn snob

5: I’m becoming a selfish knitter. I really only have the desire to knit for myself, the hubby, and jellybean.

That’s all I’ve got! Happy Knitting!!


My biggest yarn splurge ever finally arrived in the mail. I might have squeed a bit and danced away from the mail box. Behold!


Oh my it’s just so pretty. I resisted buying this for myself because “I wasn’t good enough” or “it was too expensive” but I’m so glad I got over that. These are gorgeous. And the minute I have free needles this yarn IS going on my needles. Alas that means finishing my Happy Vanilla socks or my Husband Socks. My bets are on the Happy Socks….fewer stitches!!

Happy knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Husband Socks


I have a good start on one toe of my husband socks! Next up is to cast on the other toe so I don’t forget what I did, lol. (I like to work my socks “two at a time” even though are on separate needles. Keep my pairs and gauge matching better.)

I’m using Knit Picks Stroll in merlot heather. It’s different than the Felici self-striping I had been using. But in a good way. It’s very pleasing to the touch but yet very strong and no splitting so far. The one downside is the dark color, boy is this hard to knit at night when you are tired! Those tiny stitches escape my eyes.

Happy Knitting!

Socks With Sarah Winner!

I was beyond excited to win in the #sockswithsarah giveaway. Her blog has fast become one of my favorites. From all the yummy fiber and yarn to her gorgeous chocolate lab (I’m a sucker for labs!)

Here is a little yarn p0rn of the delicious skein I won!



It’s Plucky Feet by the Plucky Knitter in the medieval color. I literally smooshed this yarn on my face the minute I unwrapped it. I might have to pet this one awhile before I knit with it!

Happy Knitting!

What’s On My Needles #3

After casting off both my Rye and Very Berry socks last week I couldn’t leave my needles idle for long! I pulled from my deep sock stash……


This is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in red/burgundy/purples. It’s a superwash merino and nylon blend. I plan on using a basic vanilla sock over 70 stitches this time. I’m not sure what kind of afterthought heel I’m going to use, possibly Fish Lips Kiss Heel?

So far this yarn appears to be heavier than my other fingering. It’s making a denser fabric. I don’t hate it as I know it will be warm. I think I’ll keep going and see how it goes!

A Dogs Life


We took Dex to the local dog day care for a day (I know we are now spoiling him rotten) as a reward for being a good fur brother to Jellybean. He LOVES it and came home so exhausted he almost fell sleep sitting up. I guess learning to doggy slide is hard work!

Oh how I wish I could have watched him play! What do you do to spoil your fur babies?

FO Friday: A Plain Rye

Tah Dah!


One of my 2014 carryover projects is done!



Pattern: Rye by Tim Can Knits

Needles: 5 US Dpns

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Squirrel heather

Mods: I took our the garter sections and worked in stockinette all the way around.


I’ve blogged about these here and here. It hasn’t taken me long to finish these at worsted weight yarn. I couldn’t figure out why these stalled. And then I remembered….they don’t fit my foot well. I miss-measured and the foot isn’t quite long enough. Oh well, into the gift pile they go! I have a feeling they will end up on my sister’s size 7 feet.

Happy Knitting!

A Very Berry Finish

I have a new snuggly pair of socks!


Very Berry Vanilla Socks

Pattern: DVD – Simple Toe Up Socks by Denise Bell

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Mixed Berries

Needles: 1 US

Mods: None, worked pattern over 68 stitches



I fell in love with these colors and these socks became hard to put down. I can’t believe I started these at Christmas! The afterthought heel was much easier on the second sock. I’m not sure if I like the fit on my foot. But I need to give these a good trial before I decide.


Now on to my next pair!

Happy Knitting!

Kitchener: Take Two

I’ve finished the afterthought heel of the first sock of my Very Berry Vanilla Socks. I utterly failed at the Kitchener closure. I tried to do from memory…not a good idea! I ended up with this:


I ripped back my heel (very tedious and frustrating) and inhaled deeply. Then I went to YouTube for a refresher course in Kitchener. I finally managed to get this:


Not the best but not too shabby!


I’ve got one complete sock and one to go! I’m not sure how I like the fit versus the gusset style heel I’ve knit before. I’ll want to take the pair out for a spin before I decide.

What’s your favorite sock fit?