Shawl Redemption

My shawl has been redeemed! I pulled the needles and frogged the first attempt. And so over the long weekend I forged ahead. I managed to complete the first four sections!

There is an orange locking stitch marker to tell me the “right side”. But now that I have the contrast rows added it’s fairly obvious on its own. But I’m going to take all the help I can get!

Truth time…I still think I have mistakes in here. My stitch counts were NEVER right at the end of a section. So I just fudged it and moved on. It’s garter… one will know. I’m just so over the moon with my color choices that I’m having a hard time putting it down!

Happy Knitting!!

Shawl Frustration 

Okay so Jellybean and I cast on my shawl for Mother’s Day, remember? Well, I am working through the first section which is 14 repeats of a four row pattern. Simple right?


The shawl is asymmetrical and should be growing faster on one side than the other. Well between some glasses of wine while Knitting and having to put this project down multiple times to deal with toddler bedtime meltdowns…..I’ve totally punted this. Like a lot. The only answer is to rip it back and start again.

I think for attempt number two I’m going to attach a removable stitch marker to the side of the shawl that row one needs to be started on AND put a row counter on my needles to help me keep track where I am in the repeat. It’s just so hard for me to “read” the garter stitch when there isn’t much fabric yet. It really shouldn’t be this hard. Sigh….to the frog pond I go…

Happy Knitting!

Past The Heel

My Dad’s Christmas socks have a heel!

The gusset and heel turn are complete. I feel so accomplished after admiring the engineering of a heel turn. I always work toe up so that means my gusset heel doesn’t have any holes. So in my opinion it’s like magic!

The next step is to knit up the leg until I use half the yarn then bind off! (That and nerd out some more with my Big Bang Theory bag 😁.)

Have I told you lately how much I love sport weight socks and their speedy knitting??

Cast On: Dad’s Christmas Socks

I found myself with some recent car travel and no Vanilla Socks on the needles!! I couldn’t let that happen so I grabbed a ball of sock yarn and needles and hit the road!

I grabbed some Regia 6-ply from my recent fall down the yarn hole. This is just a basic toe-up vanilla sock with 72 stitches and gusset heel on US 2s. It matches the carpet quite well don’t you think?

I’m already at the heel and creating the gusset! This heavy yarn just knits up so fast! All this sock is from one car trip and a trip to the theater to see Guardians of The Galaxy. (Funny movie by the way.) It will be super nice to add another present to the Christmas pile!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Nangou

Mother’s Day came and went but I did manage to get my Mother’s Day cast on! Nangou is now on the needles.

Jellybean sat on my lap and helped me form a few garter stitches! He saw my bag and asked me “if he could help me yarn”. I said “yes of course you can yarn with me!!”

My heart is full…..❤️

Happy Knitting!!

Zoom Went The Shawl

Holy moley…..I have a finished shawl!

Four days later and I have a FO! This is my The Age of Brass and Steam in the gradient Rivulet set from Island Yarns. I literally just couldn’t put this down!

It’s all curly in this photo but it’s actually drying/blocking as we speak! If I can’t talk my hubby into it I may have finished photos tmw…stay tuned….

Cast On: Gradient Age of Brass and Steam

After my recent trip into a yarn hole I came out with the most beautiful DK gradient set! 

I just KNEW this yarn needed to be a Brass and Steam shawl! I wound up my cake with Russian joining the individual colors so it’s all ready to cast on! I need another WIP like I need a hole in my head but yet here I am…

Doesn’t the cake just look so awesome!!

Yarn Hole

Guys…..I fell in a yarn hole.

Sadly a yarn store in my region is closing! They were having a 30-60% close out sale and I took the bait. I didn’t NEED any of this yarn but I got a crazy good deal!

I picked up a sweater quantity of Berroco DK for a garment for me. I picked up a main color of grey and a contrast color of royal blue. Then I got three 150 gram skeins of sport weight sock yarn to make socks for the men in my life. I then got two DK  gradient skein/kit. The rainbow is from Dove Roving Company and the blue gradient set is Rivulet from Island Yarns.

I know the Rivulet is going to grow up to specifically be an Age of Brass and Steam. All the rest went into my stash ☺️. I don’t know what they want to grow up to be!

Happy Knitting!!

Update: Watermelon Socks

My Miss Babs yarn finally spoke to me! I found the Strands of Gold sock pattern by Linda Garland and thought the yarn floats would be awesome in this highly variagated yarn! It a simple toe up socks with short sections of holding the yarn in front and slipping the stitches behind it.

So these are now called my “Strands of Drunken Watermelon” socks. I set aside some time this week and cast on both toes. The first I put onto my 9 inch circ to work and the second is on DPNs inside the WIP minder that came with the bag.

These are probably going to wait until after I finish my sister’s socks. here’s hoping that helps me fight SSS!

Happy Knitting!!