Shawl Frustration 

Okay so Jellybean and I cast on my shawl for Mother’s Day, remember? Well, I am working through the first section which is 14 repeats of a four row pattern. Simple right?


The shawl is asymmetrical and should be growing faster on one side than the other. Well between some glasses of wine while Knitting and having to put this project down multiple times to deal with toddler bedtime meltdowns…..I’ve totally punted this. Like a lot. The only answer is to rip it back and start again.

I think for attempt number two I’m going to attach a removable stitch marker to the side of the shawl that row one needs to be started on AND put a row counter on my needles to help me keep track where I am in the repeat. It’s just so hard for me to “read” the garter stitch when there isn’t much fabric yet. It really shouldn’t be this hard. Sigh….to the frog pond I go…

Happy Knitting!

5 thoughts on “Shawl Frustration 

  1. I clicked the like button because of the wine. The rest sounds ghastly. The marker will definitely solve your problem. Also, the row counter. I love row counters!

  2. Boohoo… I feel your pain. I also rely on the marker at the start of the right side and a counter. This is why garter stitch is evil; it seems so easy that I ignore the safety nets until it’s too late and I’m forced to start over.

    Can you also put a stitch marker at the center point so you can track the asymmetrical growth?

    Sorry you hut the frog pond. 😦

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