Cast On: Dad’s Christmas Socks

I found myself with some recent car travel and no Vanilla Socks on the needles!! I couldn’t let that happen so I grabbed a ball of sock yarn and needles and hit the road!

I grabbed some Regia 6-ply from my recent fall down the yarn hole. This is just a basic toe-up vanilla sock with 72 stitches and gusset heel on US 2s. It matches the carpet quite well don’t you think?

I’m already at the heel and creating the gusset! This heavy yarn just knits up so fast! All this sock is from one car trip and a trip to the theater to see Guardians of The Galaxy. (Funny movie by the way.) It will be super nice to add another present to the Christmas pile!

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Cast On: Dad’s Christmas Socks

  1. I’m trying not to feel panicked that I haven’t even begun to think of Christmas knitting, and here you are adding to your pile of goodies. The sock looks terrific! Do you have a pattern for your “vanilla toe-up” or is it ingrained in your brain?

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