FO Friday: Victorian Mauve Vanilla Socks

I was scheduled for not one but TWO four hour block meetings this week. That means my Victorian Mauve Socks are DONE!

Pattern: My own 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock recipe

Needles: US 1

Yarn: La Bien Aimee Tough Sock in Victorian Mauve colorway

I couldn’t be happier with the finished product on these socks. They fit great and the BFL really feels like its going to hold up well over time. I need to give them a good bath and get them tucked in my sock drawer for winter!

I used 62 grams or roughly 288 yards of the 400 yard skein. I have PLENTY of yarn leftover for my memory blanket and probably another scrappy project. This yarn was yummy to work with and the speckles are some of the bests I have worked with.

Now I need to plan my next pair of socks for next week’s four hour block. Happy Knitting!!

Body or Arms?

I’m now well into the body of my Super Simple Summer Sweater.

I’m having to add in the second color lot of Malabrigo to this sweater. It is noticeable enough in dye lot difference that you can see in the sweater. But not so much that I’m going to cut and run on this sweater.

I am running now on yarn. I need to decide if I’m going to make full length sleeves or maximize the body. I could stop now and work on the sleeves and just use up whatever yarn I have left to complete the body. I might need to sleep on this one!

Happy Knitting!!

Fall Baking

The air is getting crisper and the leaves are falling all around. I felt the siren’s call of baking. I polled the household and I came out with Swedish rye bread and cinnamon rolls.

The rye bread got a great rise and good bake. My cinnamon rolls need work on rolling a consistent swirl. Some of my sections had more cinnamon sugar than others. But they all tasted great with cream cheese frosting!

These should last a week….tops! Happy Baking!!

Second Purple Heel

My second Victorian Mauve sock is now officially past the heel.

I took some kid free time this past weekend to just sit and get the heel turned. I went with my go-to toe up gussest heel from Wendy Johnson. I learned sock knitting from her free patterns and it has my undying loyalty. It also fits my foot well, lol.

I just need to cruise up the leg and I’ll have a new warm pair of socks for the coming fall weather. Happy Knitting!!

A Self Care Haircut

My curly locks had gotten down to my shoulder blades but maybe wasn’t in the best of shape. I had some damaged ends that were split and some chunks that didn’t want to curl. My stylist asked if she could clean up the damage and I said sure.

I lost quite a bit of length but she cut it while curly and I ended up with a mop that was much more bouncy and easy to style. It was refreshing and I got a ton of complements at work the next week. Lesson learned, sometimes you just gotta let go of the damage parts!

Happy Monday!!

FO Friday: Cotton Candy Yarn

Whelp, I have another finished skein! This is a VERY energetic 3-ply skein that my 4 year old has proclaimed BEAUTIFUL!

This calculated out to be an aran to bulky weight skein. I got 84 yards in a 78 gram skein. After plying and washing, the yarn is still twisting back on itself. Which means I overplied it. I can run this skein back through my wheel in the opposite direction to let some that relax. But for now, I’m done touching cotton candy and I need to spin something else.

This fiber is great and it was cool for a mystery grab bag, but it’s not my jam. So I feel grateful for the learning experience and I’m on to the next thing!

Happy Spinning!!

Newly Divided Sweater

My Super Simple Summer Sweater is now fully divided for sleeves!

I am making the size 2XL but with a smaller gauge to land somewhere between a finished XL to XXL garment. Before dividing I had 500 stitches on the needles! Now I’m just cruising down the body for inches and inches.

The only thing I need to pay attention to is adding in my new yarn, this Malabrigo yarn has BIG differences in color so I am coordinating and alternating skeins to avoid pooling. Still might have some noticeable changes in the finished garment but I am doing the best with what I have.

Happy Knitting!!

Perpetual Hope Is Going To The Frog Pond

I did some tossing of my WIPs and came across my Perpetual Hope from last Christmas started from my 2021 Queen City Yarn advent calendar. It is a beautiful pattern but it didn’t click with me.

I have a different idea for this yarn to make a longer wrap. The kiddos really like curling up under my shawls and wraps in the winter when do movie time. Of course I still have 1,000 other projects in my brain and about 10 more on the needles. So I am not sure when I will get this yarn back on the needles, but it felt good to let this one go!

Happy Knitting!!

Conference Knitting 2022

I recently found myself at my annual fall conference for my state professional agency. I was a lot busier at this conference than previous years but I did sneak in some sock knitting. I have the second Victorian Mauve Sock not only started but well into the foot.

I need to measure and/or count my rows to see if I am ready to start the heel increases. It would be peachy if both socks were generally the same size, lol!

Happy Sock Knitting!!

A Long Overdue Knit Night

I haven’t been very good at taking time for myself or prioritizing my own self care lately. Work is perpetually crazy with no end in sight. So I put my size 10 foot down and carved out space for myself.

Yesterday was a virtual knit night for a knitting patreon I follow and I joined. I told my family they were on their own an I needed couple hours to myself. I am really working through my Super Simple Summer Sweater and well into the yoke increases.

I started helical knitting to alternate my yarn since this is Malabrigo and has a high likelihood of pooling or flashing. It makes me pay attention but will be worth it in the finished product! The conversation was nice and I really enjoyed having some time to “be with my people”. I really need to do that more often!

Happy Knitting!!