FO Friday: Cotton Candy Yarn

Whelp, I have another finished skein! This is a VERY energetic 3-ply skein that my 4 year old has proclaimed BEAUTIFUL!

This calculated out to be an aran to bulky weight skein. I got 84 yards in a 78 gram skein. After plying and washing, the yarn is still twisting back on itself. Which means I overplied it. I can run this skein back through my wheel in the opposite direction to let some that relax. But for now, I’m done touching cotton candy and I need to spin something else.

This fiber is great and it was cool for a mystery grab bag, but it’s not my jam. So I feel grateful for the learning experience and I’m on to the next thing!

Happy Spinning!!

Finished Cotton Candy Singles

My big floofy bat is all the way spun. I had a very interesting time with this fiber blend that looked like mixed up cotton candy.

The bat was three ounces in total and a blend of merino, rambioullet, mulberry silk, angelina, firestar and targhee. The bat was made by Melissa’s Yarn Barn and it didn’t come with composition percentages. I could feel the silk come up and be very slippery meanwhile the merino drafted very differently from the rambioullet and targhee.

All the fiber fit on one bobbin and I plan to chain play the whole thing. Which means I will end up smaller and thicker skein. But these colors aren’t my usual jam so this might be a donation skein or end up being a winter hat.

Happy Spinning!!

Spinning Cotton Candy Batt

Next up on my wheel is some beyond bonkers cotton candy looking mixed fiber. I am calling this my Cotton Candy spinning because it looks like someone mashed together blue and pink cotton candy.

This fiber is a 3 ounce mystery batt. The note says it includes merino, rambioullet, mulberry silk, Angelina, Firestar and targhee. It’s not spinning the finest or the smoothest because of the fiber prep and the mix of wools. But I am just letting the fiber be what it wants to be!

I haven’t decided it I will spin this on to multiple bobbins or spin it all on one and ply from a cake. I’m leaning towards the second but I am fresh off my “learning” experiences from the last time I did that! Happy Spinning!!

Checkerboard Update

I’ve managed to make some progress on my Checkerboard Socks!

I’ve knit the foot and a tiny bit up the leg. And then added the afterthought heel. I like to add my afterthought heels before I finish the leg. I knit the heel from the outside of the ball so all remaining yarn after the heel is done can go in the leg. It might be weird but it works for me and maximizes my yarn.


I’m totally digging the variegation in color. And the tiny bit of sparkle is delicious…

Now I just need more car knitting to be done! Happy Knitting!!


Checkerboard Socks

My hands are itching for some new fun socks! My Geeks are coming along and I want my next pair to be a bit flashy. So into the stash I went…

I had picked up some hand painted sock yarn from Across The Yarniverse on Etsy. The top is cotton candy and the bottom is cranberry.

I have the urge to make a lightly patterned toe up sock. I’m thinking a checkerboard foot top, stockinette bottom, and a full checkerboard leg. I’m still sketching out my ideas. But I’m getting confident enough with socks that I think I can do it….time will tell!

Happy Knitting!