A Lovely Pair Of Socks

My second FO of the week. I’m on something of a finishing kick!! Here are my Checkerboard Socks in all their glory!  Pattern: My own 70 stitch 5×5 Checkerboard pattern with stockinette sole and afterthought heel

Yarn: Across the Yarniverse sock in Bubble Gum

Needles: US 1 8″ inch Addi Turbo circulars

I forgot to weigh these babies but I used probably 90% of the 100 gram skein?

These are some of the best fitting and comfy socks I’ve made to date. They feel amazing on my feet even in the heat of the Kansas summers. Seriously the heat index has been topping out in the 110 to 117 range lately, long story short….its hot! The only downside is that this yarn base is hand wash only. This was some of the first sock yarn I every purchased and I didn’t pay attention to care instructions. All my other hand knits have been superwash where I gently machine wash them and then lay out to dry. I’m going to have to try to remember to take better care of these. It would be a shame to mess them up!

Happy Knitting!

What’s On My Needles #11

I’ve had some training seminars this week, aka lots of time in dark ballrooms and computer labs. So my Checkerboard Socks have seen some action. ( I’ve never knitted where it bothers other people or the instructor, only when it’s appropriate.


I’m past the heel waste yarn and almost to the ribbing/cuff. I have more training coming up so maybe these will join the FO pile soon! I’m totally digging the subtle variations in color. 

Happy Knitting!

Checkerboard Update

I’ve made some tiny progress on my Checkerboard Socks.

I’m a HUGE fan of working the afterthought heel as soon as I have enough leg. I work with yarn from my second ball or the other end of the skein. I make sure to weigh the yarn to keep track of how much I used. This way I know how much to leave for the second one. But this is just my quirk about using all of the yarn of my toe up socks. My sock leftovers tend to be TINY or just enough to darn/repair later.

Now I just need to decide how long to make the leg before starting the cuff ribbing. Then of course start the second sock, lol!

Happy knitting

Checkerboard Update

I’ve managed to make some progress on my Checkerboard Socks!

I’ve knit the foot and a tiny bit up the leg. And then added the afterthought heel. I like to add my afterthought heels before I finish the leg. I knit the heel from the outside of the ball so all remaining yarn after the heel is done can go in the leg. It might be weird but it works for me and maximizes my yarn.


I’m totally digging the variegation in color. And the tiny bit of sparkle is delicious…

Now I just need more car knitting to be done! Happy Knitting!!


What’s On My Needles #9

My Checkerboard Socks have seen some dedicated knitting. This sock is how I’m coping with some stress that’s best left unsaid at this point. Don’t worry it’s good stress and specifically to my mother..no jellybean does not have a sibling bun in the oven. But I digress. I’m to the heel of the first sock!

This is again a pattern I’m making up as I go. I’ve got 70 stitches for sock but I may nip it in here and there to tailor it to my foot. The design part basically it’s a 5×5 checkerboard, meaning 5 stitches and five rows for each square. I did opt to leave the sole in stockinette.

The yarn is from Across The Yarniverse on etsy. It’s handpainted and the colors are lovely! I believe this is the cotton candy color way. Lots of pinks with just a hint of blues mixed in.

The stellina content doesn’t make for the softest feel/hand but I adore it enough I don’t care! At this rate I may have a sock by Saturday!

Happy Knitting!!

Checkerboard Socks

My hands are itching for some new fun socks! My Geeks are coming along and I want my next pair to be a bit flashy. So into the stash I went…

I had picked up some hand painted sock yarn from Across The Yarniverse on Etsy. The top is cotton candy and the bottom is cranberry.

I have the urge to make a lightly patterned toe up sock. I’m thinking a checkerboard foot top, stockinette bottom, and a full checkerboard leg. I’m still sketching out my ideas. But I’m getting confident enough with socks that I think I can do it….time will tell!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Checkerboard Hat

The night before I went into labor I finished up a couple of quick baby knits. Perhaps jellybean was just that anxious to wear them, lol?

Here is the first one: Checkerboard Baby Hat by Heidi Sunday. It’s a free Ravelry pattern!


Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Celestial

Needles: US 8 circulars and DPNs

Size: newborn

Mods: none

I used hardly any yarn for this project. It took 48 yards or 22 grams of yarn. The pattern was easy to memorize and it only took a couple of hours to finish this hat.


Jellybean was obviously less than impressed with this hat. And with the way he is growing…it’s not going to fit for long, lol!

Happy Friday!

Baby-Itis….More Hats

Still counting down to Jellybean’s arrival. Sorry if it’s getting a little repetitive but I don’t have a lot else to think about lately since I’m smuggling a watermelon under my t-shirt, lol. After the success my Candy Corn Hat and Booties last week I felt the itch to make more winter hats for Jellybean. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to have several in different sizes on hand.

First up, Newborn Hat with Seed Stitch Trim by the Mucky Mackbook. This is a free pattern and not a lot of people have made this yet. So fingers crossed it works well. I plan to knit this some super soft Berroco Comfort DK in a royal like blue color.

Next, Checkerboard Hat by Heidi Sunday. This pattern has a lot more hits and completed projects. So I’m guessing this one should be pretty easy. For this cap I pulled some Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Celestial.

Lastly, I felt Jellybean needed some more booties. I found these adorable creations in my queue, Rolled Cuff Baby Booties by Nickie Alexander. This pattern has a crazy amount of FOs so I don’t have any worries. And the photos of the projects are adorable! For softness and ease of care I pulled some Caron Simply Soft from stash. I chose the color Pagoda for a nice rich dark fabric.

Stayed tuned to see my progress! Happy Knitting 😉