What’s On My Needles #9

My Checkerboard Socks have seen some dedicated knitting. This sock is how I’m coping with some stress that’s best left unsaid at this point. Don’t worry it’s good stress and specifically to my mother..no jellybean does not have a sibling bun in the oven. But I digress. I’m to the heel of the first sock!

This is again a pattern I’m making up as I go. I’ve got 70 stitches for sock but I may nip it in here and there to tailor it to my foot. The design part basically it’s a 5×5 checkerboard, meaning 5 stitches and five rows for each square. I did opt to leave the sole in stockinette.

The yarn is from Across The Yarniverse on etsy. It’s handpainted and the colors are lovely! I believe this is the cotton candy color way. Lots of pinks with just a hint of blues mixed in.

The stellina content doesn’t make for the softest feel/hand but I adore it enough I don’t care! At this rate I may have a sock by Saturday!

Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “What’s On My Needles #9

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