WIP Wednesday: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

Before my health setback I was managing to zoom on my Pot O Gold vanilla socks. I even finished the first sock.

As a refresher, this is a toe up vanilla sock over 64 stitches on a US 2 circular needle. And I used and afterthought heel to not interrupt the pseudo stripes. I heart this project so hard! I even wove in the ends as soon as I got done…

It’s a lovely fit. Not too loose and not too snug. I even managed to start the second sock before the skin on fingers literally started peeling as the hand foot mouth rash heeled. Dudes….this virus is legit for adults. I’ll spare you the details and leave it at that. Here’s another photo my my sock to distract you.

Happy Knitting!!


I’ve been thinking about how to write this post. Ultimately I decided to let it flow as it comes. I have been struggling with my health for awhile mostly related to my tonsils. I finally made the tough decision to have the very painful tonsillectomy. I thought that was tough. But you guys, literally two days after booking everything I got freaking mono!

There were lots of tears and rescheduling of plans. Mono is not terminal but gosh does it not lend itself to having a toddler who prefers his mommy. I’m sad I can’t get my tonsils fixed but I’m crushed that I can’t be there 100% for my baby. So for know I’m putting my health first. Basically this means lots of rest and fluids. Exercise will take a back burner. I’m hoping to have a flexible work schedule so I can deal with my fatigue. Have I mentioned this sucks?

And then my kid got hand foot mouth….so of course I got it too!

It’s super painful and I can barely hold on to a cup let alone needles. As for knitting….I don’t know what this means. I may not have as much content as I would like. But I promise not to disappear. Any positive vibes sure would be appreciated!


WIP Wednesday: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

Holy cow this cake of yarn never ends! I’m still knitting on my Pot O Gold vanilla socks and baby they are growing!

I’ve installed the afterthought heel and continuing to zoom up the leg. I feel like I still have a TON of this yarn left. Honestly I can’t decide to how long to make this sucker! I’m getting bored with this and so the answer may be close at hand. They are tall enough now so I may just surrender…

But gosh, I sure do love looking at these colors and the way they are striping. 

Happy Knitting!!

Back To Where I Was

I managed to get my Old Man of Storr shawl back to where I was when I had to rip!

I’m through two full repeats of lace. And my rainbow lifeline is in place and is sufficiently long this time. I have four more lace repeats to go and the rows just keep getting longer! 

There are a still few mistakes sprinkled in there but it’s much improved from my first attempt. I’m not sure I’m a lace convert/addict but I am enjoying this project. I find myself wanting to pick this up over other things.

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Henry’s Hat (modified)

I finished the second attempt at Henry’s Hat! Jellybean was super excited to have TWO hats even though I took the second back from him, lol.

For this version I extended the stockinette portion by 8 rows or roughly an inch. I also extended the front flap by the same amount to keep thing proportional.

This hat used 50 grams of the Berroco Vintage 100 gram skein. So you could squeak two hats out of one skein if needed. 

The patten is well written and SO CUTE. Especially when paired with the book. I can’t wait for Jellybean to unwrap this at Christmas!!

Happy Knitting!!

Area 51

I broke down and did it….I made my own Area 51….

Not the aliens, you know that box of unfinished objects? (Concept originally coined by Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls and not in any way by me). Mom life has really led me to cultivate a ton of WIPs. I have so little knitting time that I really only want to work on what sings to me, hence the WIPs.

They had begun to drift around the house and I had trouble locating some of them. Well no more, all projects half (or less) finished will be located in this $8 big lots tote in my craft room safe from both toddlers and bugs. I’m feeling a bit proud of myself ☺️.

What do you do with your WIPs? 

Insert Squeee Here

I’m a very blessed and lucky girl. I was fortunate enough to win a recent contest hosted by the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast. It was for a copy of Susie White’s new pattern Circuitous Socks and a skein of With Pointed Sticks Ballpoint Sock in the Big Head Little Arms color.

I may have squeeed when the yarn showed up. And you guys the pattern is gorgeous!! I already have several socks lined up so I’m just going to pet this pretty for awhile!

And for those inquiring minds. My entry for the contest was the word pontificate. So I’m going to stop this entry before that word applies!

Happy Knitting!!

Crafting Heritage

My Grandma Leta passed away almost three years ago. And as it happens we are still going through boxes and memories. I got a little treat from my Aunt on a recent visit…

All my Grandma’s crochet hooks all neatly contained in her satin needle organizer. I’m not much of a crochet person but I like knowing I have a piece of grandma in my craft bag.

But the really cool piece is this…

This is a hand carved wooden crochet hook that belonged to my Great Grandma Ola. Best guess this is somewhere around 60-70 years old. It’s well worn and smooth. My aunt thinks my Grandpa or Great-Grandpa made this for Ola. How cool is that? I’m thinking of mounting this in a small shadow box to hang in my craft room.

Happy Crafting!!