Area 51

I broke down and did it….I made my own Area 51….

Not the aliens, you know that box of unfinished objects? (Concept originally coined by Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls and not in any way by me). Mom life has really led me to cultivate a ton of WIPs. I have so little knitting time that I really only want to work on what sings to me, hence the WIPs.

They had begun to drift around the house and I had trouble locating some of them. Well no more, all projects half (or less) finished will be located in this $8 big lots tote in my craft room safe from both toddlers and bugs. I’m feeling a bit proud of myself ☺️.

What do you do with your WIPs? 

9 thoughts on “Area 51

  1. My set-up is similar albeit smaller since I try not to have multiple WIPs. Keyword: Try. I have two I *must* finish before I begin my next project. They are currently sitting in project bags in a woven basket with a bar of lavender soap (which I superstitiously believe will keep the moths at bay) while I deliberate the next steps.

  2. Good idea. I should probably put mine in something sealed…mine are stored in a 3 drawer fabric cart thingy…at least my semi-active WIPs are lol. The ones that have been classified as hibernating are in large ziplocs in my yarn chest.

  3. I have a hard tote from JoAnns in Waverly fabric that I use to carry all my stuff in. Since I usually only have a few WIPs at a time they all fit and I can carry it with me to knitting or when I am away from home. That way I can knit on what I feel like whenever I have a chance. I do have some long term forgotten knits that live in containers in my craft room, but we don’t discuss those. LOL Love Jellybean’s hat!!! And one of my fav yarns too.

  4. I only have one knitting WIP at a time. I single thread my projects (like a cars on a train) and until I finish them. It’s the only short term gratification that I get. But I am retired. I don’t have children. I have three horses and dog instead. I just make sure that I knit an hour a day. It’s my meditation time.

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