Cast On All The Things

I had a few toddler free moments this past weekend and what’s a girl to do but play with yarn?!

I managed to round up and wind my next three sock projects. Each bag has the 1) yarn 2) needles and 3) stitch markers to start more yummy socks. They will all probably be some variation of toe-up vanilla socks as that is my zen zone of late. From left to right they are:

I’ve found I don’t always have time or brain space to prep knitting. In my stolen moments I just want to knit! So I’m hoping my OCD prepping will allow my needles to just fly!

Ps. I hand sound my balls and then used my ball winder to rewind them to reduce the stress on the yarn on the inside of the cake. So I’m not as worried if these sit around for a bit.

Happy Knitting!!

2016 Ravellenics

I’m restarting Jellybean’s Christmas hat. And participating in the Ravellenics (at least in spirit). I didn’t join the official competition or set goals. I’m happy to just have a few minutes to sit, knit, and watch he games!

I love volleyball in all shapes and forms so I’m catching all the games I can given that I have a full time job and an active toddler!

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Henry’s Hat

I finished Henry’s Hat for Jellybeans Christmas present. (Well except for the buttons)

I worked the 6-8 size as written. I knew as I was knitting that the hat looked shallow. But I kept deluding myself that it would be okay. The circumference is spot on but he is yanking it down to cover his ears. It’s an easy enough solution… I can reknit the hat as I have plenty of yarn. I only used about 100 yards of a 250 yard skein. And so I can just extend the stockinette portion above the brim another inch or inch and a half. 

Either way Jellybean loved the hat and wore it ALL DAY at daycare even though it’s 90 degrees or more in Kansas right now. At least I know he likes my knits!

Happy Knitting!

Awe Fork….

My Old Man of Storr and I had a little disagreement. Last night it looked like this.  Looks great right? Well I was listening to the Olympics and worked two lace rows wrong….awe fork!

Not to worry, I had lifelines right? Wrong, helpful hands in the form of toddler or canine had pulled on the string and the lifeline was only halfway through my piece. I should be mad but it’s only my fault for not putting this away when I set it down. So now my shawl looks like this….

I ripped back to the garter section and started the lace over. It may be  a blessing in disguise as now I can fix the wonky set up row from my first attempt. I now know how the lace should work and hopefully I can read it better this time and not get off track! Wish me luck 😜

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

I felt to need to redeem myself after my gauge (sort of) failure on my Roller Rink Disco socks. So I wound a new cake of yarn and started my next pair of vanillas!

Meet the Pot O Gold vanilla socks!

This is Tapping Tootsies by Dove Roving Yarns in the Pot O Gold color. I’ll be working a toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. My leg may or may not be ribbed again. I reserve the right to decide later. I’m working these on a size two US needle because the yarn is on the heavier side of fingering and right now I’ve got 64 stitches total.

I think I’ll knit the foot for a couple inches and then evaluate my gauge and size to see if that needs ripped back and adjusted. I really want these to fit this time!

Happy Knitting!!

Hitting Pause

I’ve gotten to where my blanket obsession has abated slightly. I managed to knit like crazy and get a crazy amount of progress!

I’m feeling the sirens call of other projects again. So I’ve moved this project to my bedside table for zen knitting before bed. Progress should slow considerably since I get about 10 minutes in before I fall asleep needles in hand. Oh the life of an exhausted toddler momma!

This might pick up some steam again in September as I joined a couple sick yarn swaps and I’m expecting some exciting new mini skeins!

Happy Knitting

FO Friday: Roller Rink Disco Socks

The latest pair of socks are done!

The Roller Rink Disco Socks are complete and I say hallelujah!

They are a 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. But they came out crazy small. Not so much in the foot but definitely the leg. I only used 78 grams of yarn???

They yarn was fantastic so this one is on me. It’s obviously a gauge issue and I didn’t swatch. But this way my sister gets cool new socks, lol.

Happy Knitting!

Lace and Lifelines

I’ve made some progress since I left off on Monday with my Old Man of Storr. It has one full lace repeat and the start of a second.

I’ve moved my lifeline after the first (mostly) successful repeat. I did do some more tinking and my first lace row is perhaps a bit wonky. I decided only I could tell and I was happy enough to move on. And obviously lace looks like scrunched up rubbish until you block it.

I’m getting better at “reading” my lace and can tell when I get off pattern. It usually takes 20 stitches away from the error but I catch on eventually. This pattern is a great lace warm up, at least in my opinion. We will see if I still agree as the rows get longer and longer!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Henry’s Hat

I’ve finally decided to kick my rear in gear and start Henry’s Hat for Jelkybean. You know the one I started taking about in April?

Well now the yarn is wound and I tracked down the right sized needles. My pattern is printed and I’ve read it a couple time to wrap my brain around the contraction. Nothing left but the actual knitting to do!

P.S. Love this pouch I won in a contest from the Knitting Goddess in the UK. Seriously her stuff is amazing!

Happy Knitting!!