Cast On All The Things

I had a few toddler free moments this past weekend and what’s a girl to do but play with yarn?!

I managed to round up and wind my next three sock projects. Each bag has the 1) yarn 2) needles and 3) stitch markers to start more yummy socks. They will all probably be some variation of toe-up vanilla socks as that is my zen zone of late. From left to right they are:

I’ve found I don’t always have time or brain space to prep knitting. In my stolen moments I just want to knit! So I’m hoping my OCD prepping will allow my needles to just fly!

Ps. I hand sound my balls and then used my ball winder to rewind them to reduce the stress on the yarn on the inside of the cake. So I’m not as worried if these sit around for a bit.

Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Cast On All The Things

  1. I started out the year with things prepped and ready, now I have fallen off the wagon! I need to get back to organized, but with a move in our near future, I fear just finding my knitting in storage will be my normal. Maybe I should prep now? And pack the knitting with my clothes?

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