FO Friday: Old Man of Storr Shawlette

Drum roll…my Old Man of Storr is done!

I’m soooo happy!

I used this pattern and I used Treasure Goddess Yarn in Super Toes Cashmere base in the Pieces of Eight color. It used up 510 yards of yarn or roughly 127 grams. And I knit using a size 4 needle.

It’s 60 inches across and 28 inches deep. The lace isn’t perfect but for my first attempt I’m overjoyed! And to top it all off it was my 2016 Mother’s Day cast on, so I’ll always have that cozy memory when I wrap up in this!

I even managed to turn this in for WIP points in the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL! Insert happy dance here….

Happy Knitting!!

Out Of Area 51

It’s that time of the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL for WIPs! Look at this gem I pulled from Area 51!

This is my Old Man of Storr shawl from my Mothers Day 2016 cast on. I think last we spoke I had started the last section? Yeah, I had to rip that back out. I don’t know what happened but my eyelets were off. Harrumph!

I’m pleased to report that I am back to where I was and I’m carefully moving forward. I’m 16 pattern rows, 16 rest rows and a bind off away from being done! If I can finish this I get 25 points for the KAL! Must….knit….carefully

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Old Man of Storr

I’ve managed to add a few rows to my Old Man of Storr shawl.

It’s really starting to get bunched up on the needles. It takes me an entire evening of post baby bedtime knitting to do four rows now.

But I’m in the home stretch. I’m in to the last chart repeat that is in stockinette. I can’t wait to see this finished!!

Happy Knitting

Back To Where I Was

I managed to get my Old Man of Storr shawl back to where I was when I had to rip!

I’m through two full repeats of lace. And my rainbow lifeline is in place and is sufficiently long this time. I have four more lace repeats to go and the rows just keep getting longer! 

There are a still few mistakes sprinkled in there but it’s much improved from my first attempt. I’m not sure I’m a lace convert/addict but I am enjoying this project. I find myself wanting to pick this up over other things.

Happy Knitting!!

Awe Fork….

My Old Man of Storr and I had a little disagreement. Last night it looked like this.  Looks great right? Well I was listening to the Olympics and worked two lace rows wrong….awe fork!

Not to worry, I had lifelines right? Wrong, helpful hands in the form of toddler or canine had pulled on the string and the lifeline was only halfway through my piece. I should be mad but it’s only my fault for not putting this away when I set it down. So now my shawl looks like this….

I ripped back to the garter section and started the lace over. It may be  a blessing in disguise as now I can fix the wonky set up row from my first attempt. I now know how the lace should work and hopefully I can read it better this time and not get off track! Wish me luck 😜

Happy Knitting!

Lace and Lifelines

I’ve made some progress since I left off on Monday with my Old Man of Storr. It has one full lace repeat and the start of a second.

I’ve moved my lifeline after the first (mostly) successful repeat. I did do some more tinking and my first lace row is perhaps a bit wonky. I decided only I could tell and I was happy enough to move on. And obviously lace looks like scrunched up rubbish until you block it.

I’m getting better at “reading” my lace and can tell when I get off pattern. It usually takes 20 stitches away from the error but I catch on eventually. This pattern is a great lace warm up, at least in my opinion. We will see if I still agree as the rows get longer and longer!

Happy Knitting!!

And So It Begins

I’ve finished the garter section of my Old Man of Storr shawlette.

There were a couple of nights that between the late hour and a glass of vino that caused a few dropped stitches☺️. I tried using my double ended crochet hook to fix them but ultimately I hated how the tension looked. I tinked back the 200+ stitch rows and reknit and it was worth every redone stitch. Now the garter is perfect and my stitch count perfect!

I’ve installed a lifeline (black crochet thread) and tomorrow I’ll start the lace rows! Wish me luck

Happy Knitting!!

My Baby Loves Knitting

Thanks to my wonderful husband and Jellybean I had a successful Mothers Day Cast On!

I managed to get the yarn wound (no small feet with this being a 600 yard skein and using my 1990s plastic ball wonder) and the pattern printed. The pattern is Old Man of Storr by Carie Harling for those with inquiring minds. 

I’m in the garter section and it’s nice easy knitting. I only have to keep track of four increases and make sure I know the right side and wrong side. The yarn is a cashmere blend and absolutely delicious! I’m not sure how much love this will get as I have a couple small projects in mind to get done soon. But it doesn’t matter because it was wonderful to knit on Mother’s Day and associate some great memories of little toddler hands helping me in those stitches.

Happy Knitting!