Happy Mother’s Day To Me

My husband is a dear man. But he’s about as observant as the average knitting muggle. He has over the last 12 years taken an interest in my knitting and shown a great appreciation for my hobby. But he wouldn’t know sock yarn from bulky yarn if it hit him in the face.

I’ve been having a rough time at work adjusting to a lot of changes and new staff. It has left me drained by the time I get home. Mother’s day was approaching and it was a particularly bad day that had me window shopping on Etsy. I knew my husband hadn’t gotten me anything so I sent him an Etsy screenshot and said “I want this for Mothers Day”. It was a large project bag from Tannei Casey And he said ” buy it”. So I did…

It’s a wonderfully large bag made of some of the sturdiest material I have felt in a long time. The inside has two organization pockets and a box bottom.

The heavy canvas bottom might be my favorite thing!  I need to clear my needles a bit of WIPs and then I can’t wait to get a project started that will live in this bag!

Did anyone else get anything yarny for Mothers Day?

Potato Chip Knitting At Its Finest

I literally can’t put my mothers day cast on down! Between the luxurious Hedgehog Fibers yarn and the comforting garter stitch, I’ve already made it to section three!!

The speckles in the grey contrast color have me stopping quite frequently to pet and admire the stitches. The pattern is the Kindness KAL 2019 shawl from Jaala Spiro. It’s a free pattern and absolutely wonderful.

I used the needles recommended in the pattern (US 7) and I am finding that gauge is not tight but not very drapey. I probably could have stood to have gone up a needle size. But it’s a shawl and who cares. It will just mean its extra warm for winter!

Happy Knitting!!

Prepping My Mother’s Day Cast On

For the past couple of years I have joined the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin Podcast bandwagon and set aside time for myself to cast on a selfish project for myself on Mothers Day. In the past I have made the Old Man of Storr in 2016Nangou in 2017, and Antarktis in 2018.

This year I have always known what yarn I wanted to cast on for my Mothers Day project but I have been waffling on the pattern. I know I want to use my Hedgehog Fibers Merino DK yarn in Ink and Salty Tales. But I have been wishful knitting this yarn and nothing sang to me. But now I know what I want to do!

I’m going to knit the Kindness KAL 2019 shawl pattern by Jaala Spiro of KnitCircus yarns. I have more yarn than I need but I’m just going to either extend the pattern or knit the leftovers into a matching accessory.



Is it Mothers Day yet?? In the meantime Jellybean and I need to get to caking up my yarns…..Happy Knitting!!

Mother’s Day Recap

Jellybean and the Hubby made a nice Mother’s Day for me. Jellybean actually went to a sleepover the night before so I could sleep in and be super pregnant without a 3 year old “helping”. But we had a nice lunch just the three of us and Jellybean presented me with hand painted cards and my present….which he promptly tore open the minute I told him he could, lol.


The both got me a Cast On, Bind Off by Leslie Ann Bestor and a mini digital scale for my scrap blanket shenanigans. I have been eyeing this book for my reference library for awhile. I rarely use the cast on or bind off in patterns that it calls for. I like to use one of my own choosing that fits the garment or item. This book will keep me from having to constantly re-look up YouTube clips or internet articles to remember all the different options. And it’s a great size to tuck into a project bag!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a sneak peak of my Mother’s Day Cast on project for 2018!

Cast On: Nangou

Mother’s Day came and went but I did manage to get my Mother’s Day cast on! Nangou is now on the needles.

Jellybean sat on my lap and helped me form a few garter stitches! He saw my bag and asked me “if he could help me yarn”. I said “yes of course you can yarn with me!!”

My heart is full…..❤️

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Resurrection 

Look what I found in the WIP bin in the basement…

I pulled my Mother’s Day cast on project from hibernation. This is the Old Man Of Storr shawlette. I’m still in the garter section trying to get to 52 garter ridges. I’m around 38 last I counted. The yarn is heavenly to touch and the garter is soothing. But as is the case with most center out shawls….the rows are getting longer and longer. This shall be a test of my patience!

Happy Knitting!!

My Baby Loves Knitting

Thanks to my wonderful husband and Jellybean I had a successful Mothers Day Cast On!

I managed to get the yarn wound (no small feet with this being a 600 yard skein and using my 1990s plastic ball wonder) and the pattern printed. The pattern is Old Man of Storr by Carie Harling for those with inquiring minds. 

I’m in the garter section and it’s nice easy knitting. I only have to keep track of four increases and make sure I know the right side and wrong side. The yarn is a cashmere blend and absolutely delicious! I’m not sure how much love this will get as I have a couple small projects in mind to get done soon. But it doesn’t matter because it was wonderful to knit on Mother’s Day and associate some great memories of little toddler hands helping me in those stitches.

Happy Knitting!

Mothers Day Cast On

The Prairie Girls of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast have a Mother’s Day tradition I decided to adopt!

The deal is you cast on a just for your project on Mother’s Day and take pic of your kiddo holding the yarn or project. Then you get some unadulterated knitting time to work on it! I’ve already informed my husband this is what I want.

I pulled my 600 yard skein of Cashmere Super Toes sock in the Pieces of Eight color way that I got at Knitting In The Heartland this year. And I found a perfect pattern, Old Man of Storr shawlette by Carie Harling. It’s triangle shawl in mostly garter stitch that should help me maximize this mega-skein!

Happy Knitting!

Blocking on Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all!! I can’t be with my mommy today as she is with my sister in another state. So next best thing is to craft in her honor!

It’s blocking day!! Finally gave my last two FOs a good soak and wash.

First up, Stashbustin’ #14, Mud Season!


Next up, Stashbustin’ #13, Stylish Square Blanket!


I love having blocking mats!! And the floor space to use them!!! I am excited to get the DSLR out and take some good photos of them this week.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!