Alternate Sweater Path

I have for years coveted the Breezy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. To me it represents easy classic effortless style. But it is also MILES of stockinette in fingering weight yarn. My size could easily consume 1,900 to 2,000 yards of yarn. There is no way I could manage that with two small kids without losing my mind and hating how long it took. Well I was at Sams Club shopping for toilet paper….(seriously potty training a boy shouldn’t consume this much paper but I’m just glad he’s finally catching on)…and I see these cardigans on an end cap.

I snatched one up and realized its a commercial version of the Breezy! It’s a very fine gauge Rayon, Polyester and Spandex fabric. But it’s butter soft the touch and the spandex makes it hug all the right places without being unflattering to a new mom.

And it’s got the huge drapey fronts! They wrap so nicely around my big kiddo and make a decent nursing cover up for PB. I was in LOVE and they were under $15…

img_5951I may have bought three (in different colors) to feed my cardigan obsession. I can’t explain why but this commercial sweater just makes me so happy right now. I still want to knit a Breezy someday but it’s reassuring to know for the mean time I have these pieces to keep me warm while my children still want to snuggle. (And a good plus, it looks kick ass on me).

Happy Knitting!!

Pardon Me

Pardon me, for I have no knitting today. I’ll pause for the shock and horror……

Last night I had a tremendous opportunity, to sit in a room and spend time with some of the greatest women I know. My Grandmothers’ aunt….yes I said Grandmother…..turned 102 earlier this week. She still lives in her own home and has complete control of her mental faculties. She is a little unsteady on her feet but who wouldn’t be at 102?

Well, my Grandma (80 and proud of it) came for a visit to see her aunt (and two other aunts mind you, still alive and kicking at 90+ years each) and as chauffeur I got stay for dinner and dessert. These ladies came from a family of seven girls and four are sadly gone now. For as long as I can remember my family has called them simply “the sisters”. My Great-Grandma was the eldest (and lived to be 100 1/2). I can still feel her whiskers tickling my face when she would kiss my forehead. And she never did learn to pronounce my name, she would say Ray-shell instead of Rah-shell. Oh, how I miss her 🙂

On this night, I sat mostly off to the side with my knitting and just soaked in the wisdom. These women are strong, funny, and absolutely wise. I pray that I got some of those genes and that someday I can be half as spirited as these ladies at that age. Who says getting old can’t be fun?

So for this reason…I have no knitting update. I can’t remember if I made very many stitches or any at all in between laughing and listening. What I do have is a full heart and great memories of some fantastic ladies.

I now return you to regularly scheduled programming….

Book Review: A Life In Stitches


I’ve had Rachel Herron’s A Life In Stitches on my bookshelf for awhile. For some reason I had the urge to pick it up this past week. I read the whole thing in two days

This book was amazing! It was the right book for my life right now. Rachel Herron is awesome. Her essays were heartwarming in one chapter and heart wrenching in the next. This book literally made me cry. Not cute little dab-your-eye tears but actual crocodile-check-your-makeup tears. This book explores the highs and lows of life and how knitting intertwined with it all. And even how knitters can build a community and friendships without ever meeting in person.

EVERY KNITTER NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK! But beware, grab Kleenex and a good glass of wine. No spoilers here, just a wish to share this wonderful book. I stumbled upon it on Amazon mostly because I’ll buy most any book remotely related to knitting, lol. I connected very powerfully to the family stories in this book and its helping me process my Grandmothers passing and even my Mothers current grief.

Won’t you please give it a read?