Preparing For The Holidays

I’m really trying to get ahead of Christmas and birthdays this year. (My mother and sister have birthdays right around fathers day in June). I was really caught off guard last holiday season and it was not very fun. I felt like I really didn’t think about the meaning behind each gift.

This year is different. I have been hearing about Henry’s Hat by Joanna and Eric Johnson on literally all the podcasts. I just knew Jellybean needed this for Christmas. And thanks to Amazon it’s already landed on my doorstep. For sure Jellybean will get a matching hat to go with this book. Anything beyond that is still up in the air

Happy Knitting!

Finding Style

I took Jellybean to the library this past weekend to run off some steam in a kid friendly environment. While he was playing I picked up a book I’ve been eyeing awhile.

It’s Knit Wear Love by Amy Herzog (who is a genius). I previously read Knit To Flatter back in 2014. This book has been out for awhile and all over the blogosphere and podcast world. It was a good read and written at a nice level for me to absorb. It was really interesting to take the time to pin down my “style”. I’m a casual and sporty kind of girl by the way. I gravitate to light fabrics, open cardigans, long sleeves, or just nice cozy pieces. I’m not in place (post baby) that I feel like fitted is a happy place for me. My mom tummy is still working itself down/out. My go to sweater right now is my store bought black fingering weight cashmere open front cardigan with long sleeves. It’s warm, soft, and makes me happy. 

After reading this book, I know at this time in my life I’m probably not going to knit a sweater out of these meta patterns. I just don’t have the bandwidth. But I think I will use the tips and techniques for good construction on other projects. This is definitely a good read if you are into sweaters and want good solid pieces that fit well. Just not one to buy for my personal library right now, maybe later.

Happy Knitting!

Warm & Toasty

Big thanks to PeacefullyKnitting and her blog, I won a copy of Rowan’s Warm & Toasty!


I can’t wait to try these designs as I LOVE bulky yarn. The inner impatient knitter in me adores the instant gratification of a quick knit!

First up…..Katy


A super cute bolero, don’t you think?



This infinity style cowl/scarf/shrug is amazing! I do love a great versatile item 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!!

Author Review: Richard Castle

I know, I know Richard Castle isn’t a flesh and blood author but I couldn’t resist the kitchy-ness of a book series based on fictional TV characters. It’s like story within a story wrapped in humor. The husband and I have become obsessed with Castle lately. We started with re-runs on cable and now we have watched the first three seasons on DVD. I can’t wait to see the rest of season four and start five. One a whim at Barnes & Noble I picked up the first three novels.

Heat Wave


Naked Heat


Heat Rises


And I bought Frozen Heat on Kindle


All books are written and formatted as if Richard Castle wrote them in real life. There are few wink wink/nudge nudge passages in the book that allude to the real life actors and people. ABC or whoever wrote this book really went the whole nine yards on these. In researching for this post I found whole websites also dedicated to Richard Castle. And in keeping with the books they are presented as if Richard Castle is a real life persona. It was kinda trippy but I like it because I like a a little “suspension of disbelief”. Maybe it’s the theater diva in me?

I am a big fan of the murder mystery genre and I loved all four books. And these books allowed for me to combine three favorite things: Knitting, TV, and Books. They are fairly well written and if you are a fan of the show you can pick out little hints to events in the TV show. I love to knit and watch Castle re-runs. I mean who doesn’t like looking at Nathan Fillion, Jon Seamus, or Jon Huertas!? The show has enough crime and mystery to keep it interesting but has humor enough to make it too dark or gritty.

If there are any Castle lovers out there in blogger land, the books are definitely worth the read!! And even if you aren’t a Castle fan and just like murder mysteries the books are still perfect. Very well thought out and written series even if you don’t know the TV back story.

I’m hoping the come out with more!!!

(All photos are from and full credit goes to them)

Book Review: A Life In Stitches


I’ve had Rachel Herron’s A Life In Stitches on my bookshelf for awhile. For some reason I had the urge to pick it up this past week. I read the whole thing in two days

This book was amazing! It was the right book for my life right now. Rachel Herron is awesome. Her essays were heartwarming in one chapter and heart wrenching in the next. This book literally made me cry. Not cute little dab-your-eye tears but actual crocodile-check-your-makeup tears. This book explores the highs and lows of life and how knitting intertwined with it all. And even how knitters can build a community and friendships without ever meeting in person.

EVERY KNITTER NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK! But beware, grab Kleenex and a good glass of wine. No spoilers here, just a wish to share this wonderful book. I stumbled upon it on Amazon mostly because I’ll buy most any book remotely related to knitting, lol. I connected very powerfully to the family stories in this book and its helping me process my Grandmothers passing and even my Mothers current grief.

Won’t you please give it a read?