Yes…I Took Pictures of My TV

I’ve been plugging away on my resurrected Mothers Day shawl. I’m almost done with the garter section!

I’ve been knitting and binging on Gilmore Girls (I never watched it when it aired originally). This show is really speaking to me both a kid who went through college at the time and now as a mother. Plus it’s just plain campy and fun. And oh boy….they have a knitting episode!!! Knit! People Knit!! Is season 7 episode 9. And yes I took photos of my favorite scenes 😜

The show had some characters actually knitting and some faking it. But they didn’t make knitting the butt of too many jokes so I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Happy Knitting!!

Author Review: Richard Castle

I know, I know Richard Castle isn’t a flesh and blood author but I couldn’t resist the kitchy-ness of a book series based on fictional TV characters. It’s like story within a story wrapped in humor. The husband and I have become obsessed with Castle lately. We started with re-runs on cable and now we have watched the first three seasons on DVD. I can’t wait to see the rest of season four and start five. One a whim at Barnes & Noble I picked up the first three novels.

Heat Wave


Naked Heat


Heat Rises


And I bought Frozen Heat on Kindle


All books are written and formatted as if Richard Castle wrote them in real life. There are few wink wink/nudge nudge passages in the book that allude to the real life actors and people. ABC or whoever wrote this book really went the whole nine yards on these. In researching for this post I found whole websites also dedicated to Richard Castle. And in keeping with the books they are presented as if Richard Castle is a real life persona. It was kinda trippy but I like it because I like a a little “suspension of disbelief”. Maybe it’s the theater diva in me?

I am a big fan of the murder mystery genre and I loved all four books. And these books allowed for me to combine three favorite things: Knitting, TV, and Books. They are fairly well written and if you are a fan of the show you can pick out little hints to events in the TV show. I love to knit and watch Castle re-runs. I mean who doesn’t like looking at Nathan Fillion, Jon Seamus, or Jon Huertas!? The show has enough crime and mystery to keep it interesting but has humor enough to make it too dark or gritty.

If there are any Castle lovers out there in blogger land, the books are definitely worth the read!! And even if you aren’t a Castle fan and just like murder mysteries the books are still perfect. Very well thought out and written series even if you don’t know the TV back story.

I’m hoping the come out with more!!!

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